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Day 2 of first rehearsals has come to a close

21 November 2018 at 19:21 CET
Malta rehearsal Andres Putting
Today Italy, Kazakhstan, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Wales rehearsed for the first time at the Minsk Arena in Belarus.

That is it for the first round of rehearsals! Tomorrow, the second round of rehearsals will take place for the countries that had their first rehearsals on Monday.

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Italy: Melissa & Marco

Melissa & Marco's performance of What Is Love starts off with Marco looking like a gentleman with a suit and bowtie on a swing, surrounded by animated stars and the moon. He is then joined by Melissa who is wearing a bright, yellow dress, looking like a princess.

As the song builds up, lights starts flashing and the video screens turn from blue to pink with a fairytale castle in the middel. At the end Melissa & Marco have swapped, when Melissa sits down on the swing.


Kazakhstan: Daneliya Tuleshova

All attention is focused on Daneliya, as she stands barefoot in the centre of the stage, wearing a white dress. As she belts out her participating song, the LED screens shows organic, drawn, calligraphic-like shapes in colours ranging from black and orange to yellow.


Malta: Ela

Ela wears a red outfit, while she is surrounded by four dancers. During the performance, we see projections of her music video on the LED screens. You can watch the music video right HERE.

Ela and her dancrs make use of the entire stage, as they walk and dance around. Halfway through the performance, the piano from the music video appears. As the end of the song gets closer, the camera zooms in on Ela and the four dancers.


Poland: Roksana Węgiel

Starting out her empowering song, Roksana sings in English: "Used to live in the shadow, now I'm not afraid to risk it all. I can talk a bit louder, with a power of a thunderstorm." She is dressed in white, in green ribbons and is joined by 3 energetically moving dancers on stage. On the right there are 2 backup singers located.


Portugal: Rita Laranjeira

Rita is wearing a black dress with red dots as she walks across the stage during her uplifting performance of Gosto de Tudo (Já Não Gosto de Nada). She is surrounded by animations like stars, hearts and dots, all in bright colours. And some will only be visible for the viewers at home this Sunday!


Russia: Anna Filipchuk

Anna is joined on stage by two backing vocals, and two musicians, all wearing red sweaters. Anna stands in the middle of the stage wearing a denim outfit with red and pink details. The crew is surrounded by bright lights in numerous colours and colourful graphics (inclouding singing children) are shown on the LED screens throughout the song.


Serbia: Bojana Radovanović

Bojana is wearing a white and silver dress during her performance as she is surrounded by images of clouds, the world and city skylines. Halfway into the song, Bojana runs towards the small stage on the right to scatter a hand full of glitter into the air.


The Netherlands: Max & Anne

It is a starry night on the LED screens as the performance kicks off, Max lights up the stage in his glitter jacket and Anne wears a dress with sparkle elements. As they perform their power ballad, we see a boy and a girl dance together with ribbons on the small stage. Max & Anne smile a lot, and seem to really be enjoying their performance.


Ukraine: Darina Krasnovetska

The 11-year-old singer can be easily recognized by her characteristic braids. During her first rehearsal, Darina wore a white outfit with red elements. Throughout the performance the red elements are in various things: Darina uses a red megaphone and the lyrics on the LED screen are projected in a bright red font.


Wales: Manw

For her first rehearsal of Perta, Manw is joined on stage by four dancers. They are all dressed in black tops with glitter pants. Manw herself is dressed in a red outfit with a black longsleeve and black shoes.

During the entire performance, the LED screens behind Manw and her crew show colourful images of nature. This matches the scenery of her official music video, which you can watch HERE.


We will remain on the ground at the Minsk Arena throughout the week to provide you with brand new photo material and videos!