Bojana Radovanović

Bojana Radovanović


🇷🇸 Serbia
Finished 19th
Marija Marić Marković, Bojana Radovanović
Marija Marić Marković

Bojana Radovanović will represent Serbia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk with the song 'Svet' (World).

Bojana Radovanović is 13 years old and is currently in the final year of elementary school at Ruđer Bošković in Belgrade. She is an A-student and is very active in extracurricular activities, especially those related to music.

Bojana has won numerous prizes in municipal and district competitions as the representative of her school. She also participated in many national and regional music festivals for children where she achieved exceptional results. Amongst those achievements includes being crowned super finalist in the third season of the talent show Pinkove zvezdice.

Though most of her time is dedicated to her singing classes at the singing school ‘Voice Stars Factory’, she also takes dance classes at ‘Dance Factory’.
For her performances, Bojana prepares with great commitment and devotion. She is cheerful by nature and easily makes new friends. With the Junior Eurovision Song Contest approaching, she is preparing herself for the great responsibility.

Lyrics of Svet

Svet postoji jedan svet tu živi ljubav, mir, radost i lepota ako vidiš tvoj je Svet Nama ostaje Za pravi put treba čisto srce Ono dečije I neka mir Zauvek bude dom duša svih Jedino ljubav uvek je Pravi pobednik I kako misliš tako je ko bajagi stvarnost može da postane moguće je, moguće ako veruješ Svet Nama ostaje Za pravi put treba čisto srce Ono dečije Svet Postoji jedan svet Traži ga tu je kao u igri skrivanja Naći ćes Ako veruješ
World There is a world where love, peace, joy, and beauty live. If you see it, it’s yours The world will be left for us. For the right path, you need a pure heart, the one of a child. And let the peace forever be the home of every soul. Love is always the only true winner. The way you think is how it’s going to be. Make-believe can become reality. It is possible, it is possible if you believe. The world will be left for us. For the right path, you need a pure heart, of a child. World, there is a world. Look for it, it’s here, like in a hide-and-seek, You will find it if you believe.

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Bojana Radovanović

Bojana Radovanović will be Serbia's representative this year

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