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Italy's Melissa & Marco kick off day 2 of first rehearsals

21 November 2018 at 08:58 CET
Italy rehearsal Andres Putting
The Minsk Arena in Belarus is up and kicking again, with Italy's Melissa & Marco rehearsing their song 'What Is Love' for the very first time.

Melissa Di Pasca is 10 years old and lives in Alassio with her parents and younger brother. She is in her final year of primary school and is also part of a musical company called 'Riviera Musical', where she started taking classes when she was only 6 years old. 

Marco Boni was born in Avezzano in 2004 and is currently attending the first scientific high school. He started dancing at the age of 4, but discovered his love for singing at the age of 8.

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Melissa & Marco's performance of What Is Love starts off with Marco looking like a gentleman with a suit and bowtie on a swing, surrounded by animated stars and the moon. He is then joined by Melissa who is wearing a bright, yellow dress, looking like a princess.

As the song builds up, lights starts flashing and the video screens turn from blue to pink with a fairytale castle in the middel. At the end Melissa & Marco have swapped, when Melissa sits down on the swing.

Melissa & Marco will be the 11th act to take the stage this Sunday. Tune in HERE for the live show at 16:00 CET.