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Together, Max & Anne from the Netherlands rehearse for the 1st time

21 November 2018 at 14:35 CET
The Netherlands rehearsal Andres Putting
The Dutch duo's power ballad 'Samen' (Together) is about the friendship between a boy and a girl who can not be together anymore.

Max is 14 years old and was a contestant in The Voice Kids. Even though Max is deaf in one ear, it does not limit his vocal abilities. And Max surely is not camera shy: in his free time he likes to film and edit videos for his own YouTube-channel. 

Anne is also 14 years old played young Anastasia in the musical ‘Anastasia’ when she was only 8 years old. Since then she has played in several musicals such as ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘Ciske the Rat’. Just like Max, she participated in The Voice Kids.

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It is a starry night on the LED screens as the performance kicks off, Max lights up the stage in his glitter jacket and Anne wears a dress with sparkle elements. As they perform their power ballad, we see a boy and a girl dance together with ribbons on the small stage. Max & Anne smile a lot, and seem to really be enjoying their performance.

Max & Anne will perform 6th in the live show on the 25th of November.

Developing story! Check back later for the Dutch duo's performance video.