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Rehearsal day 1 of Junior Eurovision 2018 is a wrap!

20 November 2018 at 19:10 CET
Stage 2018 Andres Putting
The 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is well underway in Minsk, Belarus. Today the first ten countries took the stage to rehearse. Armenia's L.E.V.O.N was first up and Belarusian Daniel Yastremski closed the day at the Minsk Arena.

It was time to #LightUp the Minsk Arena for (in order of appearance) Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Israel, France, Georgia, Ireland, Albania and Belarus. These 10 countries have kicked off the rehearsals for the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Armenia: L.E.V.O.N

Armenia's L.E.V.O.N rocked the stage in his green suit, singing his song L.E.V.O.N. The lyrics explain that once you hear the song, everybody wants to dance along. With the upbeat song and L.E.V.O.N's dance moves, this will definitely be the case.


Australia: Jael

Jael is positioned in the centre of the stage, as she belts out her power-ballad Champion that is all about believing in yourself. The Australian candidate has surely taken this year's slogan #LightUp to heart, in a silver glitter dress she shines bright on stage.


Azerbaijan: Fidan Huseynova

An angelic Fidan sung I Wanna Be Like You in a white dress with silver details. The performance starts with Fidan sitting on a white box by herself, but she is joined by four dancing girls when the song progresses.. 

Fidan and her dancers communicated this year's slogan #LightUp by having lights in their hands, with which they lit up the Minsk Arena even more.


Israel: Noam Dadon

Noam's powerful performance starts off in a dark setting and quickly changes to a setting with white and blue lighting. He is surrounded by star-like animations on the LED-screens behind him. 


France: Angélina

Angélina's performs on stage with two enthusiastic and happy dancers. The staging looks very Parisian, with footage of the Eiffel Tower shown on the LED backdrop.

The song Jamais Sans Toi is a universal story about friendship and was inspired by her best friend Pauline. Friendship is a visible element in Angélina's performance, as we can see her dancing and goofing around with two friends.


F.Y.R. Macedonia: Marija Spasovska

Starting out, a barefeet Marija wears a black cape at the beginning of her performance, as she starts singing on the small stage on the left side of the arena. As the song progresses, she takes off the cape and reveales a white dress with glitter elements. On the screens we see a winter landscape with a family standing on a bridge.


Georgia: Tamar Edilashvili

The message of Your Voice is that you only need to listen to one person in life: yourself. It is your turn now. This idea is also reflected in her performance when she sings "Every vision is yours", since this line of text is printed on the back of Tamar's jacket!


Ireland: Taylor Hynes

Taylor's performance is very colourful; it starts with a giant disco ball being displayed on the LED background and two dancers wearing sparkling black jackets.

The disco ball changes into bright animations that make us feel like we are back in the 1970s. The vibe matches Taylor's official music video that features Ireland's 2018 Eurovision participant Ryan O'Shaughnessy and Ireland's 1993 Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh.


Albania: Efi Gjika

Efi's performance is very bright and pink. On the LED screen, we see an image of Efi turned into an animation. Would this be her Efimoji? Efi's pink outfit, big bow in her hair, and her smiles make a cheerful performance.


Belarus: Daniel Yastremski

With his signature hairdo and wearing a fluorescent jacket, Daniel smoothly moves and dances around stage while the LED screens behind and below him show a couple of sceneries. From a home scene with two dancers on a couch, to a basketball field with four dancers, to a beach part with a biker. During the end we see two lit surfboards moving around on stage.


It is a wrap!

The first day of rehearsals for the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest has come to an end. Tomorrow Italy, Kazakhstan, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Wales will perform in Minsk for the first time. We will be there to bring you all the latest backstage action throughout the day!