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Trophy of Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Trophy of Junior Eurovision Song Contest Photo: Andres Putting

Even though the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is still very young, the Contest already has a rich history with some pretty amazing facts and figures. On this ever-expanding page, we share with you the ones you should.

  • Poland won the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and 2019, this makes it the first country to win two times in a row.

  • The first Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in November 2003.

  • Georgia won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest a record 3 times in total (2008, 2011, 2016).

  • Belarus, Russia and Malta have each won the Contest twice.

  • The highest number of participants was in 2018 with 20 countries.

  • Armenia has the strongest overall record with seven top 3 finishes. Armenia has never been outside the top 10.

  • Some singers have graduated from Junior Eurovision to the Eurovision Song Contest including the Tolmachevy Sisters (Russia 2006, 2014) and OG3NE (The Netherlands 2007, 2017).

  • The Netherlands, Ukraine, Malta, Poland and Belarus have hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on more than one occasion.

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