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Memorable moments of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

17 April 2020 at 12:30 CEST
With the world sitting at home, we want to take a moment to look back on memorable moments of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Let's take a trip down memory lane and show you what has happened in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest's little sibling.

Poland won twice in a row

One of the more recent memorable moments in Junior Eurovision history is that Poland won twice in a row! In 2018, Roksana Węgiel took home the trophy for her song Anyone I Want To Be and one year later, Viki Gabor was declared the winner with the song Superhero.

Spectacular voting in 2009

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Saturday 21 November. Ralf Mackenbach won the contest for the Netherlands with his song Click Clack. Russia finished second along with Armenia in third. It was a tight race, as the runner-ups both scored 116 points and the Netherlands just 5 points ahead with 121.

Belgium had been in the lead a couple of times as well. Only when the final points were divided between the acts it became clear that Ralf Mackenbach would take the trophy home. Both Russia and Armenia ended up in second place, with the same amount of points. Belgium placed fourth on the final scoreboard.

Spain returned after 13 years

After a 13 year absence, Spain returned to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! Spanish broadcaster RTVE confirmed their participation for the contest in Poland in 2019.

Spain participated in the first 4 editions of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and reached outstanding results. At the first-ever Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Copenhagen, Sergio came second. The year after, María Isabel won the Contest! In 2005, Antonio José performed on the Junior Eurovision stage and came second. In 2006, Dani was Spain’s fourth participant.

Then it took 13 years for Spain to return. They did in 2019! Melani Garcia travelled to Gliwice-Silesia to participate with her song Marte, she finished third.

Armenia has never placed outside of the top 10

One notable highlight in the history of Armenia's participation at Junior Eurovision is that they have never placed outside of the top 10. They also finished in the top 3 on 7 occasions.

In all their participations, they only won once. Vladimir Arzumanyan took home the trophy in 2010 with the song Mama. Ten years later, Vladimir participated in the Armenian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, Depi Evratesil.

Memorable props

Junior Eurovision has seen quite some memorable props over the years. Let's see what the different countries brought to the stage:


Armenia has brought some impressive props to the respective host countries over the years. At Junior Eurovision 2017, Misha gave a cool performance of his song Boomerang while dancing on his boomerang-shaped hoverboard.

In 2014, Betty brought a prop that seemed like an ordinary mini-stage. However, only seconds into the song, 5 dancers rolled out of the prop from the bottom and took over the stage, giving her performance an energetic boost!

Besides Betty and Misha, many more Armenian representatives brought impressive props to Junior Eurovision. Who remembers Monika's Choco Factory and Dalita's Welcome To Armenia?


Belgium has a reputation of bringing entire bands to the stage: we saw X!NK in 2003, Free Spirits in 2004, Trust in 2007 and Fabian in 2012.


France's Angélina had the honour of representing her country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk. For her performance, she brought an ice cream cart!

These are only a few of the memorable props the Junior Eurovision participants brought to the contest. Check out the video below to see many more:

Interval acts

Interval acts have become an important part of the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest alike. Over the years, interval acts at Junior Eurovision have taken all forms, from international singing groups like Westlife and Dutch band Ch!pz, to past Eurovision and Junior Eurovision stars.

In 2010, all former Junior Eurovision winners took to the stage and performed part of their song:

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest has a rich history with incredible shows hosted over the past 17 years. More memorable moments from the past decade can be watched in the video below:

More memorable moments will follow in the years to come, we can't wait to see what the future will bring!