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Click Clack

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Click Clack
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Ralf Mackenbach
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Ralf Mackenbach
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The 14-year old Ralf Mackenbach is born on the 4th of October 1995 and lives in Best, The Netherlands. 

Besides winning the Dutch national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Ralf has starred in the musicals Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast and he has played in several TV-commercials.

He is a musical, busy boy. He is practicing several sports and has many hobbies. Fencing, working with his computer, trampoline jumping, skiing, playing the drums and playing piano are a couple of his weekly activities.

In between Ralf goes to school, does his homework and has even got the time to visit his friends. In the future Ralf wants to be an artist, just like his biggest idol John Legend. Singing and dancing are things Ralf loves to do more than anything.

Ralf is following a professional preparatory training at Lucia Marthas Dance Academy in Amsterdam, where you can find him twice a week. There he practices all several types of dancing styles; Urban- Pop- Break- and Tap-dancing. The last style he likes the most. With his song Click Clack, which is about his passion for tap-dance, he wants to let Kyiv tap too!

Lyrics of Click Clack

Wohow wohow! Badabediedoe, Badabediedoe hey! Wohow wohow! Badabediedoe, Badabediedoe Ik heb geen zin in de computer, ook niet in TV Iedereen is naar de film, en nee ik wilde ook niet mee Beetje lazy achterover, het is me wat te chill Geef mij maar activity, tap is wat ik wil Click clack Tickety tack, tickety tack Click clack! Tickety tack, tickety tack Click clack! So I think that I can dance, hey Urban, pop of break Maar de top voor mij is tap Ja, het liefst de hele week Click clack Tickety tack, tickety tack Click clack! Tickety tack, tickety tack Click clack!

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