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Angélina brings the Eiffel Tower to Belarus

20 November 2018 at 14:41 CET
France rehearsal Andres Putting
The backdrop of Angélina's colourful performance of 'Jamais Sans Toi' reminds of her music video, which takes place in Paris.

When she was only 5, Angélina covered Colors of the Wind from the movie Pocahontas at a charity event, and that day changed her life. When she thinks about it now, Angélina recalls the event to be a ‘revelation’.

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Angélina's performs on stage with two enthusiastic and happy dancers. The staging looks very Parisian, with footage of the Eiffel Tower shown on the LED backdrop.

The song Jamais Sans Toi is a universal story about friendship and was inspired by her best friend Pauline. Fun fact: Pauline is also in the official music video of Jamais Sans Toi! Friendship is a visible element in Angélina's performance, as we can see her dancing and goofing around with two friends.

Angélina will be the 15th to take the stage this Sunday during the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Developing story! Check back later for the performance video & our interview with Angélina.