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Azerbaijan's Fidan Huseynova lights up the stage

20 November 2018 at 13:24 CET
Azerbaijan rehearsal Andres Putting
Fidan from Azerbaijan took the stage for her first rehearsal at the Minsk Arena for her song 'I Wanna Be Like You'.

Fidan Huseynova was born on 24 November 2005 in Moscow and is currently a 6th-grade student at the Baku Oxford School. She surely is an artist, having performed the world-known song Je Suis Malade together with Lara Fabian (who represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988) in Baku in 2014. One year later, they performed Je T’aime in Istanbul. 

We asked her what it was like to perform together with Lara: "I did not expect this, but it was amazing and so exciting. I really liked it!"

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An angelic Fidan sung I Wanna Be Like You in a white dress with silver details. The performance starts with Fidan sitting on a white box by herself, but she is joined by four dancing girls when the song progresses.. 

Fidan and her dancers communicated this year's slogan #LightUp by having lights in their hands, with which they lit up the Minsk Arena even more.

Fidan will be the 7th to take to the stage on 25 November.

Developing story! Check back later for the performance video of Fidan Huseynova.