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Albania's Efi Gjika finishes first rehearsal in Minsk

20 November 2018 at 18:07 CET
Albania rehearsal Andres Putting
The 10-year-old Efi just wrapped up her first rehearsal of 'Barbie'. Her song's lyrics were inspired by the solid relationship that Efi has with her 36-year-old mother Hristina.

Efi is a multi-talent who can sing, compose, play the piano, act, dance ballet and paint very well. Her song Barbie is a family affair; Efi composed the song herself and her mother Hristina wrote the lyrics. Hristina supports Efi through thick and thin. She makes sure that Efi does not miss a single opportunity to advance in life, giving Efi the life that Hristina’s parents were not able to give her.

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Efi's performance is very bright and pink. On the LED screen, we see an image of Efi turned into an animation. Would this be her Efimoji? Efi's pink outfit, big bow in her hair, and her smiles make a cheerful performance.

Albania will be the 4th to take the stage during the live show at 16:00 CET this Sunday.