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Sara Markoska

Sara is fourteen and lives in Skopje. She goes to the eight grade at an elementary school and is a great student. When the new school building was built, she had the honour to sing the new school anthem!

Singing is her greatest love. She goes to music school and I takes private singing lessons with professor Vlado Srbinovski as well.

She has performed at several festivals in F.Y.R. Macedonia, as well as abroad:

  • 2006 – She performed at the international festival Zvezdichkiy (Stars), and won the third place for interpretation of the song Cama Niz Cahara (Through Sahara On My Own).
  • 2007 – participated in the F.Y.R. Macedonian national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and came in second with the song Mizlich Na Menye (You Think Of Me). Afterwards she was asked to join the team performing in Rotterdam as a back-vocallist and dancer.
  • She's been to Ukraine at two festivals. In 2007, at the Music Umbrella festival in Vinnytsia, and in 2008, at a festival in Mariupol.
  • 2008 was very successful for her. She has taken part in many festivals and humanitarian concerts. She was noticed and accepted, and met many children from F.Y.R. Macedonia and other countries.
  • 2009 she performed in Nesebar, Bulgaria, where she took part in the Sun, Joy, and Beauty festival.

She's looking forward to visiting Ukraine once again, but now she's coming with a huge responsibility – to represent F.Y.R. Macedonia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I will be performing the song Za Ljubovta (For Love) which she wrote herself.

"I’ll do my best to represent F.Y.R. Macedonia in the most beautiful way, and I hope the audience at home and throughout Europe will like my song and my performance, as well as my looks." - she said.

Music video

Lyrics of Za Ljubovta

Ти ме погледнуваш
со тие очи твои
како бистри океани тлеат,
Пак се насмевнуваш
со бела насмевка
А, во моето срце свири
Рајска музика

Нека слушне сиот свет
сега пеам јас за љубовта
сеќна сум ко птица во лет
сон си сонувам за љубовта.
Нека знае баш целиот свет
сега плачам јас за љубовта
слатки солзи, не е грев
сон си сонувам за љубовта.

По свое тераш ти
и знам приметуваш
јас на тебе реагирам страсно
Душа трепери
Дали е залудно?
Но, тоа не е толку важно
Јас се чуствувам прекрасно


Дај ми рака ти
Искрено и од срце,
Пеј за љубовта
Нека слушне сиот свет
Силно гушни ме
Уживај и чуствувај
Пеј за љубовта