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Mila Moskov from North Macedonia on ‘Fire’ for second rehearsal
Mila Moskov from North Macedonia on ‘Fire’ for second rehearsal
Photo: Thomas Hanses

North Macedonian hopeful Mila Moskov brings the 'Fire'

North Macedonia's Mila has taken the stage in Gliwice-Silesia for the second time. She will perform 4th in the live show on Sunday 24 November.

Mila's performance...

Mila's song Fire talks about fire as the ambition, passion and dreams that burn like a flame inside of one's soul. "Every child has dreams and we all started off with nothing that turned into something."

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Mila is 14-years-old from Prilep, North Macedonia. When she was only 6, she started her music career at her local music school. Mila has performed at several international children's festivals in North Macedonia, like Mel Fest Prilep. Mila has also taken part in several singing competitions and performs with a choir called Little Angels who perform concerts for children with special needs.

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Mila Moskov

Mila Moskov


North Macedonia