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Tell me, who is Tamara Grujeska? Meet the songstress from North Macedonia

18 November 2023 at 19:01 CET
North Macedonia - Tamara Grujeska - First Rehearsal - Junior Eurovision 2023 Corinne Cumming / EBU
Tamara Grujeska is bringing her soulful voice from North Macedonia to Nice. She’s ready to rep her country on the Junior Eurovision 2023 stage with her song ‘Kaži Mi, Kaži Mi Koj.’

Now 12 years old, Tamara Grujeska has plenty of experience in music competitions. She’s got a stack of awards from national and international festivals, and she’s hoping to add the Junior Eurovision trophy to her collection.

The composer behind Kaži Mi, Kaži Mi Koj is a big name in the North Macedonian music industry. Robert Bilbilov is well known for bringing emotions and story to his music, and that’s certainly true in this song. The song title means, “Tell me who,” and is full of heart. Tamara is well known for bringing soul to her music too, so we’re sure to get an emotional performance in Nice.

Tamara is a big Eurovision fan, and has posted a selection of her favourite songs on her social media. In a sleek set-up with a snazzy microphone, Tamara has recorded Duncan Laurence’s Arcade, two-time winner Loreen’s Euphoria and Tattoo, and Noa Kirel’s Unicorn. And she absolutely smashes Proud by North Macedonia’s other Tamara, Tamara Todevska. Tamara (the Junior one!) loves this song, and says it has a very powerful message about standing up for yourself and being proud of who you are.

Most of Tamara’s favourite songs are Eurovision hits, and her Instagram covers give a hint that she loves big soulful tunes (Tattoo, Arcade, and Proud are her favourites). She’s also inspired by the legendary Whitney Houston, and we think Tamara might have soaked up some of her super powers. But it’s not just the classics that Tamara loves, she also enjoys discovering new music. And Junior Eurovision is the perfect place to do just that.

According to Tamara, the one thing we need to know about her is that she loves playing the piano, and it was even the best birthday present she’s ever received. It’s her birthday again soon after the Grand Final in Nice, and we can think of a pretty good present that might top a piano (it’s a Junior Eurovision trophy).

You can learn more about Tamara Grujeska right here.

Junior Eurovision 2023 took place in Nice, France on Sunday 26 November and was won by Zoé Clauzure from France! You can rewatch it live via the official Junior Eurovision YouTube channel (if available in your country).

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