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Nicole Azzopardi is a charismatic 13-year-old girl from the city of Mosta, Malta. Her career started at the tender age of seven when she was chosen to represent Malta in an international competition.

The experience which remains deeply vivid in her memory is when she represented Malta in the Zecchino D’Oro. Ever since its inception, only a very small number of Maltese singers ever made it to this highly coveted festival.

Besides that. she's also been very successful in her own country, doing great at several festivals.

In 2007 she made it to the final round of the Maltese national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Life Is A Playground, and in 2008 she was once again of the finalists in the show with two songs, namely. In 2009, Nicole returned with Fun, Fun, Fun and placed 5th.

This year Nicole came back to Maltese national final with the most catchy tune ever, totally original, and incorporating a line from the Maltese traditional rhyme of Bum Bum il-Bieb meaning, knock, knock on the door.

Knock Knock!….Boom! Boom! will be the first song to introduce the Maltese language on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest stage and the first song with Maltese lyrics in any event in the Eurovision Family since 1972’s L-Imhabba.

The children’s game Bum Bum il-Bieb is similar to a prince charming tale whereby, a beautiful damsel is chosen to be the wife of an itinerant knight looking for love.

As a teenager, midway between childhood and adulthood Nicole’s song fits the bill perfectly. In her song, she stresses that young people are the future and are already "knocking on tomorrow's door".

Nicole is an active member of St Monica Choir, Malta's leading polyphonic choir. She has recently performed as a senior choir member in the popular local rock opera about the story of the Maltese nation called Gensna.

Nicole is a fun loving lively girl. She enjoys listening to Mina, Alessandra Morosi, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Shakira. Her dream is to become a TV-host in relation to music, kids and pets. She currently owns a dog, a bird, two dwarf rabbits and two cats!

Besides singing, her hobbies include swimming, dancing and playing the piano.

She will now represent Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in the capital of Belarus, Minsk on the 20th of November.

Music video

Lyrics of Knock Knock!….Boom! Boom!

Knock, Knock! ... Boom! Boom!

Growing up’s not heard or seen
Nature reaps in time ...
Silently and naturally
Just as saying, one, two, three, ...
And suddenly!
With one look we see ourselves
Like grown ups see themselves.
Great changes!
And we feel we hold the key ...
The world within our reach!

Knock! Knock!
We’re here at the door
We’ve grown! We’ll grow more
Hear us ...
Knock! Knock!
Oh yes here we are
So near and so far!
Tomorrow’s stars!

Yesterday has paved the way
To shape us for today,
Made changes ...
We all had our childhood dreams
Which, we all wish to fulfil.

Knock! Knock!
We’re here at the door ..........

Boom ... Boom ... il-bieb
Onġi ... Onġi ... Onġella!
Boom ... Boom ... il-bieb
Onġi ... Oh! Kavallier

Knock! Knock!
We’re here at the door ..........