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Today: The world moves to Malta, Kazakhstan and Germany

25 November 2020 at 17:29 CET
Susan from Germany - Junior Eurovision 2020 KiKA / Stefan Daub
What are Malta, Kazakhstan and Germany up to? Chanel, Karakat and Susan have been working very hard to prepare for this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest and now they are ready to Move the World! Let’s find out what they’re doing in the lead up to their performance on Sunday!

You'll get special backstage material from all their recordings for the show and throughout the day, right here! You’ll even get a closer look at the staging, clothing and performances of all our Junior Eurovision stars too! We also digitally caught up with the performers for an interview so you can all get to know them even better! The order of publication will be as followed:

08:00 CET Chanel Monseigneur from Malta

08:30 CET Exclusive interview with Chanel

14:00 CET Karakat Bashanova from Kazakhstan

14:30 CET Exclusive interview with Karakat

17:30 CET Exclusive interview with Susan

Malta’s Chanel Monseigneur recorded ‘Chasing Sunsets’

Chanel travelled to Warsaw to record her performance of Chasing Sunsets earlier this month. You will see the Maltese representative take the stage alone, but that hasn’t stopped her from bringing a seriously impressive performance! You can check out the backstage photos of Chanel’s recording below:

The 9-year-old talent can be seen wearing a beautiful red dress during the performance and the graphics in the background “give a message of hope, to chase your dreams no matter how far and impossible they seem!” Below you’ll find her backstage video which gives a sneak-peek into her recording:

Kazakhstan’s Karakat records a fairytale version of ‘Forever’

Karakat, who is Kazakhstan’s 3rd Junior Eurovision participant, recorded her performance of Forever earlier this month in Warsaw. She is performing solo on stage wearing an impressive white gown with wings! About the dress, she said: “Together it will look beautiful, like in a fairytale. We hope that the performance will be beautiful!”

Not only does Karakat’s dress look very impressive but her staging does too! In the backstage video below you’ll see her crew assembling mountain props! Her costume with wings gives Karakat a really fairytale-like look and combines really nicely with the lyrics of her song Forever. We can’t wait to see the final result when it all comes together this Sunday!

Get to know Germany’s Susan

Susan is the 13-year-old singer from Berlin and first participant to represent Germany at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. With her song Stronger With You, she hopes to take the crown on Sunday!

The performer was actually inspired to participate in Junior Eurovision by Jamala who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine back in 2016! “It was very emotional for me because my Mum is also from Ukraine and it is like my second country,” she said in an exclusive interview with

Stay tuned for Susan’s backstage report and video later this week! In the meantime, you can get to know Susan right here.