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Sit down with Chanel!

25 November 2020 at 08:30 CET
Chanel Monseigneur has recorded her performance for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 EBU / Stijn Smulders
We caught up with Chanel Monseigneur to find out more about the Maltese artist ahead of her performance of 'Chasing Sunsets'. Who is currently her favourite Eurovision artist and what is she most looking forward to ahead of her Junior Eurovision 2020 act? Keep reading to find out!

It's very surprising to know that this young artist with such a softly spoken and gentle speaking voice can actually belt out some seriously powerful vocals! This multi talented Mostar-based 9-year-old reading, writing, piano playing and always smiling singer has opened up to us in the lead up to her act on Sunday 29 November. Let's find out some other surprising details about this superstar entrant!

You started singing when you were very young. Do you come from a musical family?

My cousin is actually very musical and he is in fact the composer for Chasing Sunsets. He is my piano teacher too!

What is your favourite Maltese word and why?

I think I will have to go with the word 'tiekol' which means 'eating' in English.

What is your favourite musical?

I would have to go with Glee.

You like to write short-stories. Have you written any short-stories you would like to tell us about?

I think my most favourite one I have written is called Elephant’s Circus. It's probably more like a novel in the end than a short story I would say!

Do you have a favourite book?

I could read The Lost Kitten by Holly Webb over and over again!

What do you like to play on the piano?

I enjoy playing pop songs and all the classics.

If you could start learning another instrument what would you choose?

I think I would choose the violin because it sounds really nice!

What message do you want to give through your JESC song?

That you should chase your dreams and never give up on them!

Do you feel that you become different when you step on stage?

Yes, I think I do! My legs start to shake from all the nerves! I also get really excited too. Even now, just thinking about it, I am starting to get those feelings.

Chanel Monseigneur has recorded her performance for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 EBU / Stijn Smulders

Chanel fills in the gaps!

We played a game where Chanel had to 'fill the gaps' in our sentences. Let's see what she had to say:

I’m really good at singing but I wish I was also really good at gymnastics.

When I found out I would be representing Malta, I felt really, really happy.

If I could meet a previous Junior Eurovision representative it would have to be Viki Gabor.

The 3 words that describe my song are: Happy, joyful and powerful and I am most looking forward to making a great performance at Junior Eurovision.

Junior Eurovision is so special to me because it’s opened so many new doors and opportunities for me.

The advice I would give to anyone wanting to participate in the Contest would be to never give up! It’s a really nice experience and really worth it.

What's happening here?

Chanel reveals to us what's behind some of her Instagram photos!

In this series of photos I was rehearsing for my Junior Eurovision act. I was also with some of the composers of my song as well who were there helping me practice.

Here I am also at the studio. The caption reads: "You're never fully dressed without a smile!" and it just explains to my fans that I'm always wearing a smile!

This is a younger me at my Nonno and Nonna's house. Here I am hugging my favourite doll at the time. I think I was about 3 years old or something!

Share in all the nerves and excitement on Sunday 29 November when Chanel performs for her country of Malta with Chasing Sunsets. Until then, keep smiling and chasing your dreams!