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Keeping up with the participants of 2019

26 June 2020 at 12:00 CEST
Green Room 2019 Thomas Hanses
It has been quite a while since the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 participants entertained us in Gliwice-Silesia. So, it's about time we caught up with the young talents to find out what they have been up to since their Junior Eurovision experience.

Giorgi Rostiashvili (Georgia)

In 2019 Giorgi won Ranina, Georgia's national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and went on to perform his song We Need Love, about happiness and love. He finished with 69 points and came in at 14th place overall.

Giorgi performs ‘We Need Love’ for the second time during rehearsals in Poland Thomas Hanses

Since then, his song has collected over 64,000 listens on his Spotify account! We cannot wait to hear what this talented singer gets up to next!

Anna Kearney (Ireland)

Anna's Junior Eurovision 2019 song, Banshee, about overcoming adversity and fear with the help of loved ones and our own courage, took her all the way to 12th place with 73 points.

Anna Kearney takes the stage again for Ireland with ‘Banshee’ Thomas Hanses

Anna still continues to perform and is regularly uploading on her TikTok and Instagram accounts. Most recently she has been singing fan requests, including All I Want by Olivia Rodrigo:

She also announced a recent career success: "What an honour to get 1st place and receive the Byrne Cup with the song Be a Lion ...". She was set to perform this song in The Wiz in the Helix Theatre in April 2020.

Anna's Junior Eurovision song Banshee continues to do well on Spotify and has racked up over 184,000 streams, with her account having 755 followers and 3,971 monthly listeners!

Marta Viola (Italy)

Marta sang La Voce Della Terra for Italy back in 2019. Leading up to her participation in the Contest, she said she was "...most excited about making new friends with other nationalities and the opportunity to grow as an artist".

It appears that she has made many new friends indeed. According to her Instagram page, she continues to stay connected with the 2019 alumni and shared this video of her fellow participants encouraging everyone to stay safe and wash their hands amid the Covid-19 pandemic:

She will be (hopefully soon) blessing us all with her vocal talents again, teasing us with this recent upload on Instagram, titled: "...Recording..."

Yerzhan Maxim (Kazakhstan)

Yerzhan had an impressive finish in 2019, coming in 2nd place behind winner Viki Gabor from Poland with his song Armanyńnan Qalma.

Kazakhstan's Yerzhan Maxim rehearses Thomas Hanses

With his epic Instagram following of 159,000, it appears that there is no stopping Yerzhan's success. He uses this platform to spread positivity and frequently thanks front-line workers for all that they do for his country.

His Spotify account also has over 1300 monthly listeners! We look forward to hearing what he has in store for us all in the future.

Eliana Gomez Blanco (Malta)

Eliana's song, We Are More, had a strong message from the youth of today and tomorrow's future.

More rehearsals for Eliana Gomez Blanco from Malta Thomas Hanses

Since the competition, Eliana has continued to sing and stay connected with her fans. She "...could not decide what song to cover," when she recently posted on her Facebook page. So she decided to assemble a mash-up of her two favourite artists: Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. She said: "Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed singing it".

Much like fellow competitor Marta Viola, Eliana also wanted to "make new friends and new connections" from her experience at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It also seems like her wish came true. Not too long ago she participated in Karina Ignatyan's Instagram initiative KARAntin Live where she was her first guest:

In April 2020, Eliana released her new song Storms Run Out of Rain which is a song, "dedicated to all that is going on in the world".

Stay tuned for more from the other 2019 participants soon!