Jana Mirković


🇲🇪 Montenegro
Finished 13th
Written by
Boban Novović- Jana Mirković
Composed by
Mirsad Serhatlić
On the internet

Fifteen year old Jana Mirković, from the capital city Podgorica, is representing Montenegro at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Sofia.

Having attended music school from a young age, Jana is not only a competent singer - but also plays the piano and violin as well! She is currently in the first grade at Podgorica's gymnasium, and has already had a lot of success in performing at international music festivals, winning several awards along the way. When she's not studying, Jana also attends the UMS Talent School, as well as special classes for ballet, dance, and TV journalism. The latter is no surprise, given that Jana has already hosted a children's television show in her home country!

In her free time, Jana likes to hang out with her friends and family, and enjoys the beautiful Montenegrin seaside and countryside. She says that she doesn't need much to be happy, only her honest smile, a flower, hearing her favourite songs on the radio or and seeing other people's happiness.

Jana enjoys listening to her favourite female artists, Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Streisand. She also love the songs of Sergej Ćetković and Knez, both of whom have represented Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest, and have sent Jana support for this Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Jana's Eurovision hero is definitely Måns Zelmerlöw!

Lyrics of Oluja

Oluja se negdje sad čuje Moje srce sreću sad kuje Tamo gdje sam ja Oluja sa neba Stiže sad u snove tvoje, Tamo gdje sam ja, Ko grom iz oblaka Udaram u srce tvoje Osjećaš li sad, dolazim ti ja, oluja se strašna sad diže Neuhvatljiva, za druge sam ja, Ko vjetar u prozoru mome Neodoljiva, od jave i sna Prolazim kroz srce tvoje Ta oluja sam ja Kao rosa sam, sa tvojih usana, osjećam da si mi bliže Neuhvatljiva, za druge sam ja Kao magla u prozoru mome Neodoljiva od jave i sna Prolazim kroz srce tvoje Neuhvatljiva, za druge sam ja, Ko vjetar u prozoru tvome Neodoljiva, od jave i sna Čuješ li kako te zovem Ta oluja sam ja