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Saturday, 21 November, 2015, 19:30 CET
Venue & Location
Arena Armeec, Sofia, Bulgaria
Host Broadcaster
Presented by
Poli Genova
Executive Producer
Joana Levieva-Sawyer
Executive Supervisor
Vladislav Yakovlev
Multicamera Director
Christian Biondani

The thirteenth edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 21 November 2015. It marked the first time since 2010 that the contest did not take place in the winning country of the previous edition.

17 countries participated in total, including debuts from Australia, which had entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, and Ireland. The slogan was #Discover. The contest was presented by Poli Genova who represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. In 2016, she returned to the Eurovision Song Contest and finished fourth in the Grand Final with the song If Love Was A Crime.

Malta’s Destiny Chukunyere won the 2015 contest with her song Not My Soul, making it Malta’s second victory in three years. Armenia finished second with Slovenia in third place.

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