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Jana Mirković: "I'm having the time of my life here"

Joined by her four backing dancers Iva, Milica, Iva, and Marina, Jana has a great presence on the stage in the Arena Armeec. Together, they perform an energetic, well-choreographed routine which fits with the energy of the song. The backdrop for this entry features a city night-scene, with light-up buildings and dark skies.

During the instrumental part of the song, Jana and her dancers have a quick addition to their costume as they pick up some ribbons to dance with in a small circle.

"I love the stage, the first rehearsal was fantastic, and I think everything is going to be great" said Jana after she came to the backstage area to chat with us. "I expected a huge stage because this is Junior Eurovision, and it was just as I imagined. I thought I would have stage fright, but I didn't, and I really had the time of my life here. I took part in lots of festivals, but being here is the best thing.".

"We started rehearsing the choreography back in October, but seeing as I live in Podgorica, and my choreographer Milica Cerović and dancers live in Belgrade, we could only rehearse during the weekends when I could travel to Belgrade," Jana continued. "Representing Montenegro in Junior Eurovision is something that will round up my music career as a child. I love being here, because I was daydreaming about this ever since I was a child, and being here and representing my country is the most important thing for me right now."

"I love Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, and I always look forward to it together with my family. The support I get from my family and friends gives me strength, and I get a lot of strength from the audience, and I feel amazing when I sing for them" she concluded.

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