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Where are they now? Filip Vučić

28 August 2015 at 13:50 CEST

“I was really young, just 10 years old, and everything was new for me,” recalls Filip of his Junior Eurovision adventure 10 years ago. “All of that was new for me, the beautiful county and the p all around that were just incredible. But when I am thinking about that first thing that Is only my mind when I look back is the great stage where we were singing - and of course beautiful brussels, and chocolate!”

The course of European history saw Montenegro declare its independence in 2006, meaning that Filip has a rather unusual record to his name. He was the first, and last, singer for Serbia & Montenegro in Junior Eurovision, and the last representative from the country in any Eurovision event. “At the beginning it was a great honour for me, because I was the first representative from Serbia & Montenegro in Junior Eurovision - and then the last one, too!” he told us.

“Of course, taking part in something like Junior Eurovision helped me a lot - it’s one great and unforgettable experience,” says Filip, who also noticed changes when he came back from Hasselt. “After the competition things changed, not personally but with everything around me - people recognised me and it’s still like that now, which tells me for sure that music is what I have to do! Of course it also got me involved in lots of other music events at home.”

Montenegro made its Junior Eurovision debut last year in Malta, something that made Filip very happy! “As soon as I heard that we would have representatives in Junior Eurovision I contacted Maša and gave her some advice, and also wished both girls a lot of luck,” he said to us, with a feeling of contentment that both Serbia and Montenegro are now back in the competition again. “I must admit that I was really happy for Montenegro, and also Serbia, that my country has representatives at Junior Eurovision again after a long time.”

What’s Filip been up to recently? He explained “This year I have enrolled in a music academy for soloists, with the base of classical music and opera which is my interest. I won an international solo singers competition, and together with getting enrolled in the academy its on of my proudest recent achievements. I hope that it continues like this!”. “My plans for now are to learn and perfect my goal technique, which is very hard work - but opera is my life and I want it very badly. I don’t have my own channels at the moment, but will do soon!” he added.

With a career in music now fully under way, would Filip ever onside the adult Eurovision Song Contest?  “I would be very happy and honoured if I could represent my country at the Eurovision Song Contest, and I admit that I do hope it happens!” he confessed.

Finally, what would Filip say about the future for Junior Eurovision? “I hope that Junior Eurovision will last a long time because it’s a great event where young and extremely talented people can show us what they can do.”

We couldn’t agree more, and good luck to you Filip on the next stages of your music career!