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Montenegrin entry "Oluja" recorded

"Oluja", which means storm, is the song that Jana Mirković will sing for Montenegro at this year's contest in Sofia. The artist, who was internally selected by national broadcaster RTCG, has finished recording the song in Belgrade.

Jana was in Belgrade, Serbia, to record the song at the studio of composer Vladimir Graić Graja, who co-composed it along with Mirsad Serhatlić; while Boban Novović and Jana wrote the lyrics. "I'm very happy with how it's turned out. The song is the result of hard work and long preparations," says Jana. "I believe that everyone will be happy with how it sounds - especially the arrangement, because Vladimir has such experience in Eurovision!".

Next up for Jana is the recording of the video, and learning more about her stage performance. In addition to working with Vladimir Graić Graja in Belgrade, Jana will also work with Milica Cerović (Belgrade) on choreographing the stage act, and Ivana Murišić (Nikšića) for her styling.