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Hear "Oluja", Montenegrin entry, this Friday

In a special press conference and cocktail event in Podgorica on 23 October, RTCG will present Jana Mirković's song for Sofia. The video shoot was held recently across several locations in Budva, the coastal town, and in Njegusi, a smaller village best known as the birthplace of the Petrovic dynasty which has lot of Montenegrin tradition.

"It was very interesting for me during the shoot, but we didnt have much time for it. Actually we needed to move our shooting days because of the rainy weather - we needed sun so we could have some outdoor scenes! The people behind this video are from television 777, who organized it all," said Jana about the making of her video.

"Preparations are going well, I am working hard on my choreography and song, so I hope you will be proud of my performance in Sofia," she continued. "I am thankful to the Lottery of Montenegro (Lutriji Crne Gore) and their organisation which have helped me a lot. This is Junior Eurovision, but people need to be more aware that we as children are also promoters of our countries on this important European event."

Check out some images from the shoot below!

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