Ivana Petkovska and Magdalena Aleksovska

Pletenka - Braid of Love

Finished 17th
Pletenka - Braid of Love
Written by
Ivana Petkovska
Composed by
Magdalena Aleksovska
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Ivana Petkovska and Magdalena Aleksovska are both thirteen years old and come from Skopje, FYR Macedonia.

Ivana Petkovska was born on 14 April 2002 in Skopje, Macedonia. She is an 8th grade pupil at the primary school Dimitar Makedonski. She made her first steps in music when she was only 5, performing at the Potochinja children’s festival. After three years she joined KUD Nikola Jonkov Vapcarov, a Macedonian national folklore ensemble, taking part in several performances in the country and abroad. In addition to dancing, she has also sung Macedonian folk songs at a large number of concerts throughout Macedonia. Ivana is also a member of her school choir.

"During the audition I had a sore throat and I was very nervous. It was a really big thing in my life, and opening a door to my talent. My only wish is to perform well and show my talent before the wider European audience. I decided to take part in this contest because my dream is to be a good singer. My inspiration comes from my mum and my aunty (her sister), and everything around me. I am also inspired by the popular Macedonian singer, Toshe Proeski.
To my fans I send big kisses and warm greetings from Macedonia! Magdalena and I will do our best in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and try to be in the top 5. Junior Eurovision Song Contest means a lot, new friendships and it's the best contest in the world!" says Ivana.

Magdalena Aleksovska was born on 24 January 2002 in Skopje, Macedonia. She is a 9th grade primary school pupil. She is a sixth grade student in the State Music Ballet Centre, Skopje. Magdalena is also a member of the Piccolo children’s choir.

Magdalena was a member of the Zlatno Slavejche (Golden Nightingale) children's festival choir from 2009 to 2014. She also plays flute and recorded her first song, Pupil in 2010. She has performed at several international children's festivals (including Istanbul and Belgrade), as well as national and international competitions (including Struga and Prilep, Macedonia). Magdalena’s most significant performance was at the Slavyanskiy Bazar 2013 international children's festival in Vitebsk, Belarus.

"I wasn’t really planning to go to the audition. I didn’t know that there was an audition till my dad saw it on the web. My parents asked me if I wanted to try my luck and I said sure, why not. When I got there I sang a song from the greatest Macedonian singer, Toshe Proeski. Some people in the TV crew started crying. I was happy with my performance and was then sure I’d represent my country and I expect we’ll be in the top 5 at the contest. Once the audition was over, I had a feeling that I will not be the sole Macedonian participant in the JESC. I heard all of the kids there, and supposed that Ivana may be going to Sofia as well, if they decided to send a duet. And here we are now both of us getting ready for the big day. My dream has come true for me," says Magdalena.

"I find inspiration in everything around me. Nature, love, sorrow, happiness, hope, smiles on people’s faces, the stars, but most of all I find it in my little sister. Music is everything for me, music is life. I believe music makes the world a better place. That’s why everyone should listen to music. I appreciate all your support and I love you all" she added.

Lyrics of Pletenka - Braid of Love

ПЛЕТЕНКА ПЛЕТЕНКА , како небо сино, како море сино како ПЛЕТЕНКА,.......ПЛЕТЕНКА зрак од сонце злато, гали птици јато една плетенка, плетенка. ноќта во ден се плете едно да бидат двете исток и запад…север…југ. ПЛЕТЕНКА Е Во едно се две Еден до друг и заедно сме Посреќен свет да имаме Од љубов плетенка да направиме! ПЛЕТЕНКА како поток в река, како две во среќа како плетенка, ПЛЕТЕНКА како песна моја, како песна твоја Една ПЛЕТЕНКА ,....... ПЛЕТЕНКА погледот љубов прави плете на сите страни исток и запад север југ… ПЛЕТЕНКА Е Во едно се две Еден до друг и заедно сме Посреќен свет да имаме Ајде плетенка да направиме заедно еден за друг исток запад север југ. срца да подариме од љубов плетенка да направиме ПЛЕТЕНКА Е Во едно се две Еден до друг и заедно сме Посреќен свет да имаме Од љубов плетенка да направиме Ајде плетенка да направиме