Dorijan Dlaka

Zimi Ovoj Frak

Finished 12th
Zimi Ovoj Frak
Written by
Dorijan Dlaka
Composed by
Dorijan Dlaka
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Dorjan Dlaka was born on the 6th of November, 1997 in Skopje. He is a very talented boy singing, playing guitar, dancing and he has a talent for foreign languages: he speaks a prefect English, very good German and a basic Dutch.

He started performing at the age of 7, on the festival Super Star as a chorister and as a dancer and continued as a solois.

Dorjan has participated in numerous festivals in FYR Macedonia and abroad. In 2008 he participated in the national final for the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and his song was awarded with the second price.

In 2010 he traveled to Belarus as a member of the FYR Macedonian delegation for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 as a dancer.

But singing is not his only passion. He is also model and participated in the FYR Macedonian Fashion Week at the Skopje Fair in 2005 and 2006 and many other fashion shows as a model. Dorjan is a very famous boy, he had many lead roles in numerous TV advertising commercials and his voice can be heard on the radio almost every day!

Lyrics of Zimi Ovoj Frak

ЖИМИ ОВОЈ ФРАК Жими овој фрак, Време јас запирам, Назад патувам, И одам директно на бал! Сите грофици, Издотерани, Да ги прегрнам, Со песна да ги освојам! РЕФРЕН: Скопско дете, Бечка школа, Ново кабаре, Виолини свират, гушни ме, Под цилиндер, мисли многу, Дај ми бакнеж пак, Те сакам тебе, жими овој фрак! Јас сум Доријан, Име од приказна, Тука долетав, Од песна и со кочија! Сите грофици Намирисани, Ќе ги прегрнам, Под рака ќе ги прошетам!