Anja Veterova

Eooo, Eooo

Finished 12th
Eooo, Eooo
Written by
Anja Veterova
Composed by
Anja Veterova
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Anja Veterova was born on the 13th of August, 1999, in Skopje. She's a fifth grader in Skopje and fourth year student in a music school where she plays the piano. "I wanted to sing, dance and act since I was a small child. I sang my first song Stork" when I was only four," she says.

She's participated in numerous festivals in Serbia, Ukraine and Italy. In 2006 Andja was dancing in the ballet performance Esmeralda where she played the role of the little Esmeralda.

"My biggest wish was to present my country on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and my dream came true with the victory of the national selection of a song for the contest," Anja says.

Her song EOOO, EOOO (Magic Song) is an autobiographical song where she sings about her voyages around the world with a song. "I travel around the world with my song, the world gets to know me and I get to know the world," the young singer explains.

She spends her free time with her piano, bike, Nintendo and she also learns English and plays with her friends.

"Singing makes me happy because I love make new friends around the world," the FYR Macedonian young star adds.

Lyrics of Eooo, Eooo

EOOO, EOOO Eooo, eooo … nemam lamba volshebna Eooo, eooo … ne sum ni samovila Eooo, eooo … imam pesna volshebna se vika EOOO Bev na caj vo Anglija Vo Spanija na korida Vo Paris na Ajfelova Na krivata kula vo Piza Bev i vo Germanija Danska Irska i Kipar Stignav do Litvanija Do Rusija, Finska i Kina Eooo, Eooo, ciriba, ciribu, ciriba Eooo, Eooo, ciriba, ciribu, ciriba Pesnava magicna me nosi kaj shto sakam Kade i da odam doma sekogash se vrakam Zapoznav simpatija Vo Hrvatska Opatija Vo Srbija na Marakana Ja gledav i Rijana Vo Njujork bev na Brodvej Vo Tokio jadev sushi Vo Singapur i Sidnej Sretnav srodni dushi