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Dutch duo Sep & Jasmijn are heading to Nice

23 September 2023 at 20:28 CEST
Dutch duo Sep & Jasmijn are heading to Nice
Sep (13) & Jasmijn (14) have won Junior Songfestival 2023 with their song ‘Holding On To You’, meaning they’ll represent the Netherlands at Junior Eurovision in Nice, France.

The pair faced fierce competition from girlbands Joy! and Flare, as well as the young singer Duron, when they took to the stage in Rotterdam. 

Their victory came from a combination of votes from a ‘kids jury’ (featuring Luna from Junior Eurovision 2023 and Junior Songfestival runners-up Mixed Up), a ‘professional jury’ (Soy Kroon, Sosha Duysker and MEAU) and a public televote. 

During the audition stage of Junior Songfestival, it was noticed that the voices of Sep and Jasmijn matched very nicely, and so this talented duo was formed. 

Their song, Holding On To You, explores the theme of close friendships, and begins as a ballad before eventually turning into a dance banger.

Sep and Jasmijn love to sing, perform and make TikTok videos together. Jasmijn’s biggest passions are dancing, shopping and hanging out with friends, while Sep enjoys musical classes, gymnastics and athletics. 

They both have labradoodles and can't live without their phones.