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Maja Mazić

Maja Mazic is a happy thirteen- year-old girl with a lovely voice and even lovelier smile. Maja was born on the 27th October 1995 in Novi Sad, one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Serbia, well known for its culture and music.

Maja has sung since she was little and her first solo performance was when she was only five years old, at the music festival in her home town. After that, Maja had numerous performances in the country and abroad. One of the most successful performances was at the prominent children’s festival “Zlatni Cekin”, traditionally held in Italy. Maja was the first contestant there from Serbia in 2003.

This year, Maja, the only representative from Serbia, took part in the interval act of the music festival “Open Europe” in Vienna among contestants from ten other European countries.

During eight years of her singing career, Maja has performed all over Europe: Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Macedonia and Ukraine. She always returned home with a prize. It is not surprising that Maja has won a substantial number of international awards, mostly for interpretation.

Although she equally values and loves all her performances, Maja will especially remember those in Romania in 2004 and 2005 organized and sponsored by UNICEF. At those festivals not only did Maja receive awards, but she also made friends with whom she will always keep in touch.

Nowadays she sings at humanitarian concerts in Serbia and abroad very often. Therefore, the letter of thanks that she received from her home town for “generous and valuable contribution to making kids’ world a better place” is of great importance to her.

Apart from singing, Maja is a successful pianist. She has taken part in various competitions and won 12 prizes, 11 of which are national and one is international won at the festival in Paris in 2006.

By winning the national final in Belgrade, one of Maja's biggest wishes came true. She has the chance to participate in the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Whenever I Look At The Sky, for which she wrote the lyrics and music.

Music video

Lyrics of Uvek Kad U Nebo Pogledam

Uvek kad u nebo pogledam
Ja se setimtvoga osmeha
Uvek našu pesmu otpevam
Zlo od sebe oteram

Ujutru kad oči otvorim
Za tebe se Bogu pomolim
Zahvalim mu se što postojiš
I samnom vreme provodiš

Kada te za ruku držim ja
Ceo svet nam je pod nogama
Svaki kamen,svaka obala,
Tu je jer sam s tobom ostala

Kada te u oči pogledam
Znam da samo tebi pripadam
I u bilo kakvoj nevolji
Kraj tebe ću ostati

Svaki put kada me zagrliš
Neku snažnu struju osetiš
Poželiš da me nikad ne pustiš
I od svega zaštitiš

Kada te za ruku držim ja
Ceo svet nam je pod nogama
Svaki kamen,svaka obala,
Tu je jer sam s tobom ostala