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Check out backstage updates from Serbia, Russia & Poland!

24 November 2020 at 17:03 CET
Ala Tracz from Poland has recorded her performance for Junior Eurovision 2020 EBU / Stijn Smulders
Yesterday we officially kicked of Junior Eurovision week with the Opening Ceremony. A bit different than usual, sure, but certainly no less exciting! Today is day two and we're ready to turn our focus to the participants of this year's Contest. Get ready for updates from Serbia, Russia and Poland!

In the coming days, you'll get special backstage material from their recordings for the show and throughout the day you'll also get a closer look at the staging, clothing and performances of our Junior Eurovision stars! We also met this year's participants (digitally) for an interview so that you can get to know them even better! Today's order of publication will be as follows:

08:00 CET Petar Aničić from Serbia

08:30 CET Exclusive interview with Petar

15:00 CET Sofia Feskova from Russia

15:30 CET Exclusive interview with Sofia

17:00 CET Ala Tracz from Poland

17:30 CET Exclusive interview with Ala

Petar makes our hearts beat!

Petar from Serbia recorded his performance of Heartbeat earlier this month, the song with which he hopes to win the 18th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. He entered the stage wearing a stand-out orange and white striped suit. During his performance, he walks around the stage singing and also takes his place at a piano.

Check out the backstage photos of Petar's recording here:

Petar singing behind the piano definitely gives us some Duncan Laurence vibes. After recording his performance, Petar said: "I feel really happy about it, and don't know how to explain my feelings, but I feel very stressed, nervous, excited and happy and I just want to say: love you all!"

Get a first glimpse of his performance in the video below:

Russia's Sofa Feskova is ready to Move the world!

Sofia recorded her performance of My New Day in Russia. "The meaning of the song is that one should never give up, keep going and fill every day with generosity and happiness," she said. During the national final, she wore a shimmering grey dress, but for her performance this Sunday, Sofia takes the stage in a dreamy, light-blue princess gown with white and sparkling flowers. Check out her backstage photos in the gallery below:

We see her alone on stage as she sings My New Day. When asked about her favourite lyric, Sofia said: "The most favourite lyric in my song is: 'The whole world feels like home; there I'll stay, it's my new day.' This line is a call and reminder from a child for every adult: never be embarrassed to believe in miracles, create your own' fairy tale,' and then your every 'new day will be great!"

Poland's Ala Tracz recorded her performance of I'll Be Standing

I'll Be Standing is about following your dreams and standing tall, even when times get rough. In the backstage photo gallery below, you'll see Ala wearing both a white dress as well as a red dress. That looks exciting!

You might think there are nearly 10 dancers on stage during the performance, but Ala is only joined by 5. Multiple dress changes take place behind the camera throughout the performance. You'll have to wait until 29 November to see the result of Ala's recordings, but we'll show you a glimpse of the performance in the backstage video below:

That's it for today's backstage sneak peeks. Check back tomorrow for our next three participants: Malta, Kazakhstan and Germany!