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Looking backwards and forwards: Darija, Melani, Matheu, Sophia and Erin

21 August 2020 at 10:00 CEST
Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 live show Thomas Hanses
In this last recap, we take a look back at the Junior Eurovision 2019 participants from Serbia, Spain, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Wales to check-in and see what they have been up to since the show.

As we gear up for Junior Eurovision 2020, we're thinking back to the incredible performances from 2019 which has us wondering: what are the participants doing after Poland? Let's catch up!

Sophia Ivanko - Ukraine

The singer, songwriter and artist performed The Spirit of Music in Gliwice-Silesia dressed in a pink silk outfit with dark against a colourfully lit backdrop. She finished in 15th place overall.

Second sing through of ‘The Spirit Of Music’ for Ukraine’s Sophia Ivanko Thomas Hanses

Since then, she has recorded her album C.F. which she presented via live stream on 1 August 2020. Sophia has remained active across all her social media platforms and keeps her fans up to date with what she is up to in her day-to-day life, from travelling through an airport during the pandemic to enjoying an ice-cream on one hot summer day.

Erin Mai - Wales

Erin stated she will "never forget" her time at Junior Eurovision 2019 and that she is "thankful" for everyone who helped her throughout the process and who "made it the best experience ever". She took the stage to sing the entry Calon yn Curo (Heart Beating).

Welsh participant Erin Mai on stage again with ‘Calon yn Curo (Heart Beating)’ Thomas Hanses

Between now and then, she has spent her time on Instagram thanking the NHS, the National Health Service for the United Kingdom, for their efforts provided during the pandemic, enjoying the sunny weather and, recently, reminiscing about her time on stage at the 6-month mark since the Contest.

Darija Vračević - Serbia

Darija finished in the top 10 in Gliwice-Silesia and her success has not stopped there.

More rehearsals of ‘Podigni Glas (Raise Your Voice)’ for Darija Vračević from Serbia Thomas Hanses

Since the Contest, she won the Adriatic Song Contest in 2020, hosted by the Croatian Eurovision Club, with 129 jury points (and an additional 12 points for the video with the most likes) and received the support of as many as 64% of the audience votes, giving her an overall score of 609 points! She has also continued to perform in local productions, including the online festival D-Moll. It hasn't all been work though; Darija also shared that she found some time to enjoy the summer sun:

Matheu - the Netherlands

Coming in very close to the top-spot, Matheu left Poland with a 4th place finish for his song Dans Met Jou.

Matheu practices ‘Dans Met Jou’ again for the Netherlands Thomas Hanses

At the time this article was written, he left a teaser on his Instagram page saying, "Just can’t wait to tell you," with the hashtag #soon, indicating that perhaps he will be coming out with a new song or album! He has also been nominated for 2 Tina Awards, performed in musicals and acted in the drama series De Zomer van Zoë which premiers weekly from August 14.

Melani Garcia - Spain

As the 3rd placed finisher with her song Marte in 2019, Melani has continued to share her singing talents with the world by releasing a new single called Grita Conmigo (Scream With Me) which you can listen to on her YouTube channel.

Melani Garcia’s second rehearsal of ‘Marte’ for Spain Thomas Hanses

Since her time at Junior Eurovision, she appears to have been active on social media, spending some quality time with friends and celebrating her 13th birthday.