More rehearsals of ‘Podigni Glas (Raise Your Voice)’ for Darija Vračević from Serbia
More rehearsals of ‘Podigni Glas (Raise Your Voice)’ for Darija Vračević from Serbia Photo: Thomas Hanses

Darija Vračević raises her voice for Serbia in second rehearsal

Darija has taken the stage in Gliwice-Silesia for the second time. She will perform last in 19th place in the live show on Sunday 24 November.

With Podigni Glas (Raise Your Voice), Darija wants to raise awareness regarding these issues. Through her music, she is prompting us to wake up and start caring about each other and the planet we live on. Darija says: "My song is about the catastrophes that are happening on our planet. I am very touched by all of this, because I think that adults should make more efforts to prevent it. I want to encourage everyone to think about it."

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About Darija

Darija is 11 years old and was born in Belgrade on 27 October 2007. The straight-A elementary school student attends music school as well, studying the piano. Besides going to school, Darija has taken part in several music festivals in Serbia and abroad.

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Darija Vračević

Darija Vračević

Podigni Glas (Raise Your Voice)


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