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Heart to Heart with Petar!

24 November 2020 at 08:30 CET
Petar Aničić from Serbia has recorded his performance for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 EBU / Stijn Smulders
Serbia's Junior Eurovision star for 2020 talks about his extreme love for rowing, what he gets up to with friends back home, and his amazing ability to speak multiple languages! Let's find out what the 'Heartbeat' singer is all about!

The welcoming and warm Petar from Belgrade has a lot to say and a lot to share! The multi talented singer with big dreams caught up with us ahead of his performance on Sunday 29 November.

What is your fave thing to do in Belgrade?

It has a great nightlife even for a 14 year old like me! I often go into the city with my friends to watch a movie in the cinema. It has some really great restaurants too! The city of Belgrade has some really nice, friendly, and fun people as well which makes it an even better experience. The rivers are also really nice and beautiful and I often go there to enjoy the nature and to do some rowing which is one of my passions.

What’s it like to be a 14-year-old?

It can be really hard at times. When you're younger it can sometimes be harder to raise your voice or get your opinions heard. However, because you are a child sometimes you get to still do things that adults can't and that is cool!

You speak Serbian, English, German and Spanish. What are your favourite words in these languages?

My favourite word in English is 'lovely', my favourite Spanish word is 'queso' (cheese) because I LOVE cheese, my favourite German word is 'glücklich' which means 'lucky' and lastly my favourite Serbian word is 'otkucaj' which means 'heartbeat'- the title of my song.

You have big dreams to become a lawyer and a diplomat. What inspires you about these roles?

I’m a really warm person, I want to have many friends, and I can talk to anyone - I LOVE to talk! I love to meet other people, I love to work and I love justice. I think because of this, these two jobs would suit me!

What inspired you to start rowing?

I love to row and when I'm rowing I feel one with the water. I get to look around the entire city and I feel a warm feeling in my heart. Rowing inspires me; it's like a meditation and I get time with my own ideas and thoughts.

What inspired you to start playing the piano?

My godmother is a professional piano player and she showed me how to play the piano. She used this cool system of teaching me using colours. She inspired me and showed me my way to music.

And what about singing?

I love singing! I started going to a music school and attending a choir and that's where I learnt more about the notes and how to sing. My teacher was really great. She found something special in me and encouraged me to go even higher and achieve more with my voice and now, here I am!

You have a twin sister. Is she also musical?

Even though we are twins our interests are actually really different! God gave her the ability to play any sport that she wants. God gave her one right foot and one left foot and God gave me two left feet! But luckily God gave me music!

What's happening here?

Petar gives us the details behind some of his Instagram photos!

"Here I was scuba diving in the red sea in Egypt. This was on holiday with my parents and sister last summer. It was really beautiful and it was my first time ever scuba diving."

This video was taken in my music school. I was with my friends and they asked me to sing to them so I chose this cover song!

Petar fills in the gaps!

We played a game where Petar had to 'fill the gaps' in our sentences. Let's find out what he had to say!

The 3 words that best describe me are: Persistent, talkative, and positive.

You might not know that I am also really good at: Languages! I speak German, Spanish, Serbian (of course), and English. I am also good at history, geography, and rowing - I love to row! I can also play the piano.

However, I wish I was good at: Playing sports. To be honest I am a clumsy person. I would like to be able to play other sports like baseball, tennis or soccer. I honestly have two left feet! I wish I could play all the sports they offer at school but sport just isn't something that comes naturally to me. I wish I was also a bit better at biology. I have really good grades at school but again, biology is something I find a little bit more difficult.

The 3 words that best describe my song and performance are: Love, sky, and heartbeat.

If I could meet a previous Eurovision star it would be: Mahmood (Italy, 2019). His song was amazing!

This year has been quite difficult for many but what I have learnt from 2020 is: That sometimes you can't have everything good happen at once. After all that has happened this year I have learnt that focusing on staying with your friends and family and thinking positively is what's most important. If you want to feel better then you have to try and remain positive and be positive in everything that you do.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is so special to me because: I love music and songs so much! At the Junior Eurovision Song Contest I get the opportunity to represent my country and show people the beautiful culture and language of Serbia. It also gives me the opportunity to show myself to the world too.

Will 'glück' (luck) be on Petar's side when he performs his song 'Heartbeat' for Serbia? Don't skip a beat and tune in on Sunday 29 November to find out!