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Angely Dobra
Lidiya Zablotskaya
Lidiya Zablotskaya
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"My dream has come true! Since my childhood I wanted to represent Belarus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest!". These words the young singer said after her victory in the national selection.   

Lidiya Zablotskaya is 13 years old. She was born in the ancient Belarusian town of Mogilev. When the girl was only 4 she appeared on big stage for the first time and immediately won audience's love. "The Golden Voice," "charming girl" – these are her first titles.

Step by step, contest by contest and in 2010 she decided to take part in the Belarusian national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and took the 4th place. But in a year she reached for the top position.

Lydia successfully combines a lot of activities. She is 8th grade pupil at school and also has lessons in piano and vocal at the art studio "Inspiration". Her family is friendly and parents always support Lida's creative aspirations.

Perhaps her younger brother and sister - twins Max and Maria - will follow their older sister's steps. The young singer doesn't have a lot of free time. But if she has Lida tries to spend it with family and friends, reading and listening to music.

The question "what is your song about" she answered: "In our world there are a lot of tragedies. People are dying in earthquakes. And a lot of mistakes we made ourselves. The tragedy touched our country in spring when in Minsk's subway dozens of people suffered because of the explosion. We ask angels to stay with each of us, to protect our country and our world. This song is not about the heavenly angels, but about people who do good things. I think great power of goodness can animate even inanimate. Let the angel of goodness live in each of us!".

Together with Lida on the stage in Yerevan present the song two young violinists and Nastya Maliovanaya and Filip Salata.

Lyrics of Angely Dobra

АНГЕЛЫ ДОБРА Легкой походкою идут Сквозь спящий город, Поднимая на крыльях зарю, Мир ото сна обогрев, сдувая холод. Ангелы добра Два белых крыла, Два белых крыла над миром. Их печаль светла, Как море в глазах, Их слезы дают нам силы. Странники Млечного Пути, Земные стражи. И над миром их песня летит, Знают ее облака, но нам не скажут Ангелы добра Два белых крыла, Два белых крыла над миром. Их печаль светла, Как море в глазах, Их слезы дают нам силы.
Angels of Goodness They go lightly Through the sleeping city, Raising dawn on wings, They worm the World from dreams, blowing cold. Angels of goodness, Two white wing, Two white wings over the World. Their sorrow is light As sea in eyes Their tears give us strength. Wanderers of Milky Way, Guards of Earth. And their song is flying over the World, Clouds know it, but don’t tell us. Angels of goodness Two white wings Two white wings over the World. Their sorrow is light, As sea in eyes, Their tears give us strength.

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