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Today: Exclusive backstage material from Georgia, France and Belarus!

26 November 2020 at 15:05 CET
Arina Pehtereva from Belarus has recorded her performance for Junior Eurovision 2020 BTRC
You’ve seen sneak previews of Junior Eurovision performances from 8 countries so far. Today, we give you 3 more as we turn the spotlight on Sandra Gadelia from Georgia, Valentina from France and Arina Pehtereva from Belarus!

What will their performances look like? What will they be wearing on stage during Sunday’s final? You can find this out and what they’re up to offstage in our exclusive interviews. The order of publication will be as follows:

08:00 CET Sandra Gadelia from Georgia

08:30 CET Exclusive interview with Sandra

12:00 CET Valentina from France

12:30 CET Exclusive interview with Valentina

15:00 CET Arina Pehtereva from Belarus

15:30 CET Exclusive interview with Arina

Sandra Gadelia sings ‘You Are Not Alone’ on stage

Sandra Gadelia was the last artist to be announced for this years’ Junior Eurovision Song Contest. On 13 November she was announced as the winner of Georgia’s selection show Ranina with her song You Are Not Alone. On Sunday, you will see her performing together with four dancers in her deep black dress, brightened by colourful flowers that really make it pop! Check out our video for a preview of her performance on Sunday:

Sandra is 10-years-old and comes from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, which hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. She’s the 14th representative of her country in the competition. Georgia currently holds the record for the most number of victories at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Will Sandra Gadelia be the 4th representative to bring the trophy back to Georgia? Let’s find out on Sunday! Until then, you can check out all the photos taken during the recording of her performance!

The Eiffel Tower returns for the French performance!

Valentina’s song J’imagine will be the last of 12 competing songs you will see on Sunday. During the Opening Ceremony, Viki Gabor drew France as the country to close the show and Valentina’s performance will not be easy to forget! Next to a very happy and positive song, Valentina brings four dancers on stage. She’ll include LED effects displaying many colours and famous French sights, including the Eiffel Tower, a popular returning monument in France’s Eurovision and Junior Eurovision entries. Check out the backstage photos to catch a glimpse:

For the show, Valentina and her dancers have created a fun choreography too! In her backstage video, Valentina shows you the steps so you can also join in her performance from home on Sunday!

Arina Pehtereva shows off her big voice!

Arina Pehtereva will represent Belarus this year on the Junior Eurovision stage. Her country Belarus, together with The Netherlands, are the only countries to have participated in the Contest in every edition since 2003. Arina will perform her song Aliens which can be described as a power ballad. In the backstage video, you can already get a taste of Arina’s big voice and long notes, which she finishes flawlessly.

Arina’s performance will also include a globe as a symbolic prop. “The globe is a very important part of my act. The idea is that the world is in our hands. And kids will create our future!” said Arina. We can’t wait to see the Belarusian representative Move The World on Sunday with her emotive performance. If you’re like us and can’t wait either, you can catch sight of her performance in some of our backstage pictures from Belarus!

Tomorrow, you can also expect to see a backstage peek of the performance from Germany’s Susan! In the evening, voting will commence and you can start giving points to your favourite performances!