Egor Zheshko

A More-More

🇧🇾 Belarus
Finished 9th
A More-More
Written by
Egor Zheshko
Composed by
Egor Zheshko and Valery Shmat
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A More-More is about a bright and clear sea and happy kids under the sun. The East, West, North and South sing this song with the performer. Oceans and countries together with our young boy, Egor Zheshko, sing that life is cool and amazing.

"If I could, I would like to save the whole world from disease and disaster! I so want people to enjoy their work, to feel happy when they do something new, to love each other. Why is this so hard?"
Egor Zheshko (12) was born in Minsk on Christmas Eve 1999. He became a talented musician at a very young age. Following his mom, he gladly sang lullabies and folk songs, but when he was asked to perform a children's song in public, he refused: "singing is not a man's job". His interests at the time were building combat units of soldiers, collect toy guns and sail pirate ships.

After a recommendation by his teacher Egor finally joined a pop-vocal studio, organized by the art group "Belarusians" in the music production center "Golden Voice." Last year he was one step from victory at the national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where he was praised for his talent and led him to a lot of competitions and concerts.

Friendly and open, Egor likes computer, chess and checkers, playing the piano and reading books. His favourite artists are Luciano Pavarotti, Joe Dassin and Patricia Kaas! He dreams to become a professional singer and to bring people the idea that the world is amazing and we all have try to make it better! Well… this is a real man’s job, but for now it's just the dream of a 12-year-old boy!

Lyrics of A More-More

А море-море… А море, а море, а море… Припев: А море, а море, а море-море, море-море, море-море, море-море миа, да-да-да! А море, а море, а море-море, море-море, море – мы счастливые такие! Все океаны, Моря и страны Со мною поют песню эту! Ведь жизнь прекрасна, и солнце ясно, И вертится круто планета. Другие дети На белом свете, И новые в жизни законы. Все больше «перца»… И бьется сердце, И выше звучат обертоны! Припев: И север снежный, И юг безмятежный, Восток томный и запад звездный… Со мною вместе Поют эту песню, И голос звучит виртуозно! Припев: Так ярко, так пылко, так нежно Под небом святым безмятежным, Сквозь грезы и время чарующим эхом звучит: А море, а море, а море-море миа… А море, а море, а море-море, море-море, море - мы счастливые такие, да-да-да! А море, а море, а море…

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