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Dasha, Alina & Karina

Sertse Belarusi

🇧🇾 Belarus
Finished 6th
Sertse Belarusi
Dasha Nadina
Dasha Nadina
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Dasha Nadina (12), Alina Molash (11) and Karyna Zhukovich (12) live in different Belarusian cities. They became friends two years ago when they met in Minsk, at the Vladimir Mulyavin National Center of Musical Art where they study vocal with the same teacher.

The girls are very different. Dasha (the author of the song) is an initiator and a leader in games and studies. Alina is a disputant, she has her own view of things and Karyna can easy make a compromise and reconcile opposite poles. But they are united in their love to music and the stage.

A collective portrait of the trio is not complete without mentioning interests and dreams of the girls. Dasha likes to paint and travel, Alina has a talent for painting as well but Karyna prefers reading, dancing and cooking.

They all dream of becoming a singer in the future and have their personal list of victories. Dasha is the laureate of the contests “The Window to Europe” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) and “New music” (Bulgaria). Alina was successful at the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar” in Vitebsk, Karyna - at the International Festival of Children’s Arts “Golden Bee”.

«I cannot imagine my life without performing on stage!” – Dasha wrote in the questionnaire. «I love singing so much!» - Alina said. «Dreams come true and we will perform at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Thanks to those who believed in us!» - Karyna said in the interview after victory at the National Selection.

It’s not surprising that both the public and the professional jury decided that the girls were the best in the final of the Belarussian national selection A Song for Eurovision, which was broadcast live on the First Channel of the Belarussian broadcaster BTRC.

The girls hope that the public like the song Serdtse Belarusi (The Heart Of Belarus), and they invite everyone to visit their homeland in order to appreciate its hospitality and beauty.

Lyrics of Sertse Belarusi

Spelaya smorodina V pole vasilyok Mne znakom na Rodine Kazhdyi kolosok V rechke nebo yasnoe Svetitsya do dna Mnogo v mire raznogo Belarus’ odna! Belarus’ odna! Belarus’ odna! Na na Na na na Na na Na na na Na na Kak ya toboi gorzhus’ Na na Na na na Na na Na na na Na na Rodnaya Belarus’! Chistaya pevuchaya Rodina moya My podrugi luchshie Belarus’ i ya Kto komu dorozhe Ya sporit’ ne berus’ My vo vsyom pohozhie Ya i Belarus’! Ya i Belarus’! Ya i Belarus’! Priletai vesnoi Kak priletayut gusi Ty uvidish’, kak uidyot tvoya pechal’ Uidyot i grust’ Esli ty uslishish’ serdtse Belarusi Navsegda Polyubish’ Belarus’