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Christina Magrin

Christina Magrin will represent Malta in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Parachute. 

Thirteen year old Christina intends to pursue a career in music and drama and during her relatively short career she has travelled extensively,achieving prestigious feedback in various festivals, plays and other international events and gaining international exposure in both mainland and Eastern Europe.

Christina studies vocal technique under her mother's guidance, who is also a passionate musician and a lecturer by profession. Her first big break was during her rendition of the Albanian Eurovision Song Contest entry from 2012, Suus, where she caught the attention of millions of TV viewers and reached over 400,000 YouTube viewers in just a few days. The video went viral on Albanian media, capturing the attention of the composer of the song who promised to compose a song and launch it in the Balkans. The promise was kept and the song is being produced.

Christina’s passion for music was evident from her very early years when she spent hours on end listening to children’s songs and singing along with nursery rhymes. At three years of age she was played the part of 'Dora the Explorer' and sang a solo during a University of Malta Theatre Production, Infanta, under the direction of Dr Isabelle Gatt. Her performance immediately triggered many positive comments from various prominent people, amongst which the late Prof. Fr. Peter Serracino Inglott who publicly described her as a ’future star’.

Since her childhood years Christina dedicated considerable time and energy for ballet, achieving consistently excellent results from the Royal Academy of Dance. She is currently following the Intermediate Foundation syllabus with Ms Joanna Rummolino. For a number of years she also took piano lessons, and obtained various distinction results from the Royal Schools of Music.

Christina distinguishes herself on stage through an impressive vocal range that gives her ample versatility and an ability to sing in multiple languages. Christina has performed in 10 languages; English, Maltese, Albanian, Serbian, French, Italian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Bulgarian. This list is likely to grow over the years.

Earlier this year she sat for Grade 8 exam of the Trinity of London College, achieving recognition from the College as the youngest student ever to take this grade and the highest mark ever achieved. She was supported in this endeavour by Ms Rachel Fabri Camilleri.

Christina's most recent success was winning the Maltese selection for the Junior Eurovision Contest, earning the opportunity to represent Malta in the international competition to be held in November. Christina is a professional artist who dedicates her life to the stage and her audience!

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Lyrics of Parachute

The official lyrics of Parachute are not (yet) available.