Barbara Popović

Ohrid i muzika

Finished 12th
Ohrid i muzika
Written by
Barbara Popović
Composed by
Barbara Popović
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Barbara is very friendly, communicative and always seen with a smile on her face.

Barbara was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 2000 and is a student in eighth grade in Skopje. She started studying music from the age of six at the music school Ilija Nikolovski - Luj, selecting the piano as her principal and receiving lessons from Macedonia’s most famous piano professor.

She has sung at numerous concerts and piano competitions in FYR Macedonia. At only six years old, she sang in the children’s song festival ‘Super Zvezda,’ and her first song was named ‘Bongiorno’ written by Eurovision contestant Kaliopi. She continued to sing at this festival until she was ten years old, with other songs written by well-known musicians such as Jovan Jovanov, Darko Dimitrov, Dragan Mijalkovsi.

With singing she participated in many events in Macedonia including the carnival in Strumica, participation in the concert with Elena Ristevska, New Year events and concerts that were held in Skopje.

She is also a member in the children’s choir ‘Piccolo’ in the music school Ilija Nikolovsi - Luj in Skopje. She loves music very much; playing piano and singing because it makes her very happy. Her dream was always to participate in Junior Eurovision Song Contest and to sing on stage with such a big audience. This wish has come true and she hopes to win the first place in Kiev. Her motto is always to do what you love doing the most.

Lyrics of Ohrid i muzika

ОХРИД И МУЗИКА Во Охрид наш ти првпат си, Екскурзија брз крај Со твојте другари ! На холандски Не знам ниту збор, Ама твојте очи топло светат, Многу нежна мрежа плетат пак! Реф: Во мојата татковина Секој пее танцува, И сонцето, и Ѕвездите, Секој ми се радува! Во мојата татковина Секој пее танцува, Не лути се придружи се, Ајде дај ми рака, Музика се сека Повеќе од љубовта! Во Охрид наш Ти бисер си, Со песната за миг Јас рушам граници! На холандски Не знам ниту збор, Ама твојте очи топло светат, Многу нежна мрежа плетат пак!