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Yury Demidovich

When Yury Demidovich woke up in the morning following the first round of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest national selection in Belarus he realized that he has become a very famous person.

“What does “etis atis animatis” mean?” – the audience is still curious to know the meaning of the lyrics of his song. “It’s just casuistry” – Yury answers – “these words have no meaning, it’s just a joke”.

He loves to play the piano and improvise, but he has never shown his musical compositions to adults. Volshebnyi Krolik (Magic Rabbit) was the first of his songs which he decided to share with his teacher of music, Vladimir Glushakov.

For several years Yury has sung in a boys’ choir conducted by Vladimir Glushakov. Yury’s passion for music started at the age of three – he was singing his favorite songs all the time. When Yury was five years old, following the advice of friends, his mother brought a little boy to a musical school.

Nevertheless the exams period in the school has already expired and studies have begun he was admitted irrevocably when admission commission heard his singing. Nowadays Yury studies at the gymnasium – college of the Belarusian State Academy of Music. Furthermore, on the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest stage in Kyiv he is going to perform together with his friends from the boys’ choir.

“I’m so happy that I won!” – Yury said after the final of the national selection in Belarus – ”I did my best and my dream came true! I’m still receiving the greetings! I’m so happy that my classmates support me”.

Answering the question about his future Yury answered: “I dream to become a great musician”. He adores Bach, Haydn and Mozart, Enrico Caruso, Beniamino Gigli, Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti, Robertino Loretti. He has no favourite pop artists. Besides music Yury likes chess, books, tennis and football.

What is the song? - “Alice In Wonderland” inspired me to create my 2009 entry, and I just want to say that you should always be happy and smile no matter what happens in your life!” Yury said.

On the 19th of November - just few days before the Final in Kyiv - he'll become thirteen. Happy birthday!

Music video

Lyrics of Volshebnyi Krolik

Где-то там,
В дремучем лесу,
Среди пихт голубых
И волшебных цветов,
Просто живёт,
Грустно песни поёт,
Кто бы вы думали?
Волшебный кролик!

Волшебный кролик
Рисует мелом нолик,
Очки надевает –
Латынь изучает.

Волшебный кролик
Рисует мелом нолик,
Латынь изучает –
Стихи сочиняет.

Волшебный кролик
Рисует мелом нолик,
Стихи сочиняет –
На скрипке играет.

Волшебный кролик
Рисует мелом нолик,
На скрипке играет –
По маме скучает!

Этис, атис, аниматис,
Этис, этис, аматис,
Этис, атис, аниматис,
Этис, этис, аматис!