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Vincenzo Cantiello

Born on the 25th of August, 2000, Vincenzo comes from a small town called Sant’Arpino, located near Naples. Ever since he was a kid, he showed a great interest and passion for music and started to perform in his local church choir.

He won several important singing contests throughout Italy but the major turn in his career was his participation in “Ti lascio una Canzone”, the most popular kids’ talent show in the country, broadcast in prime time on Rai1.

Vincenzo describes himself as a very emotional person who always feels a lot passion when he performs.

He listens to every possible kind of music, finding inspiration and building his own personal style. He tries to spot hidden sounds and vibes as he listens to his favourite tunes over and over very loudly at home, often exhausting his parents!

He is extremely excited to represent Italy in the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest, since he has always been a fan of the show, following it online.

In Malta, Vincenzo will sing “Tu primo grande amore” ("You are my very first love") which describes what a teen feels while experiencing love for the first time. It is a powerful ballad that combines the Italian musical tradition with a modern flair.

He cannot wait to be in Malta and to meet the other contestants coming from all over Europe!

Music video

Lyrics of Tu primo grande amore

È cambiato tutto ora che ci sei
Tu così importante dentro i sogni miei...
E' così speciale stare insieme a te
Quasi non ci credo e non so perché...

Lo sai,non posso più aspettare...
Ti voglio bene, lo devo dire...

Io, non so fare a meno
Dei tuoi occhi dentro i miei
Del tuo cuore quando batte forte
Batte forte insieme al mio...
Tu, primo grande amore
Non ci lasceremo mai
Tu, il sorriso delle mie carezze
Tu che illumini per me...
La notte...

Perché non siamo già più grandi...?!
Fuori dai banchi di questa scuola...

You are my very first love
I will never let you go,
Perché c’è qualcosa che mi dice
Che mai più sarà così...

You are my very fisrt love
I will never let you go

Sei Tu il sorriso delle mie carezze
Tu il mio solo primo e grande
It's all changed now that you're there
You are so important in my dreams ...
It's so special about being with you
Almost don't believe it and I don't know why ...

You know, I can't wait ...
I love you, I have to say ...

I can not live without
your eyes in my eyes
When your heart beats strong
Pounding along with my ...
You, the first great love
I will never let you go
You, the smile of my stroking
You which illuminate for me
The night ...

Why we are not already older...?!
Out from this school ...

You are my very first love
I will never let you go,
Because there is something that tells me
That never again will be so ...

You are my very fisrt love
I will never let you go

Are you the smile of my stroking
You are my first and only great