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Second rehearsals have come to an end

23 November 2018 at 19:00 CET
Stage 2018 Andres Putting
All 20 participating countries in the 16th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest have now rehearsed twice. If you are just catching up, take a look at what happened today at the Minsk Arena!

The ten countries who took the stage today were Wales, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Serbia, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Malta, Kazakhstan and Italy.

Wales: Manw

Ukraine: Darina Krasnovetska

The Netherlands: Max & Anne

Serbia: Bojana Radovanović

Russia: Anna Filipchuk

Portugal: Rita Laranjeira

Poland: Roksana Węgiel

Malta: Ela

Kazakhstan: Daneliya Tuleshova

Italy: Melissa & Marco

Online voting starts tonight!

Now that all twenty countries have rehearsed twice on the Junior Eurovision stage, it is time for Europe to start voting for their favourites.

Online voting starts HERE at 20:00 CET on Friday 23 November.

Voters are required to watch a recap of all the rehearsal performances. After this, there is also the option to watch longer one-minute clips from each participant’s rehearsals. This first round of voting closes just before the live show, on Sunday, 25 November at 15:59 CET.

Each voter must select at least 3 songs, but no more than 5 to cast a valid vote. Viewers can also vote for their own country’s song.

READ MORE: details on the voting process.

Tomorrow, we are back at the Minsk Arena to bring you exclusive backstage content!