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Second rehearsal of ‘La Voce Della Terra’ by Italy’s Marta Viola
Second rehearsal of ‘La Voce Della Terra’ by Italy’s Marta Viola
Photo: Thomas Hanses

Marta Viola takes the rehearsal stage for Italy

Marta has taken the stage in Gliwice-Silesia for the second time to sing her song 'La Voce Della Terra'. She will perform 17th in the live show on Sunday 24 November.

Her song, La Voce Della Terra, is a song about coming together to save the earth. "My song is about our planet, our shared home, whose voice can be found in every little and big thing around us. It is about the fragility of life and our duty to protect it."

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About Marta

Marta Viola is 10 years old and lives near Turin, Italy. She loves music, singing and dancing, passions she inherited from her parents.

Marta studies singing, as well as classical and modern dance and hip hop. And like many children of her age, she loves to have fun and enjoys making video clips with Tik Tok. Her favourite singer is Beyoncé.

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Marta Viola

Marta Viola

La Voce Della Terra