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Liza Drozd & Sasha Lazin

Boy And Girl

🇷🇺 Russia
Finished 2nd
Boy And Girl
Liza Drozd
Sasha Lazin
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The winners of the Russian national selection for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Liza Drozd and Sasha Lazin live in Krasnoyarsk. Liza is eleven and Sasha is going to celebrate his 11th birthday in October. 

They go to the 5th grade, and also study at the School of Arts for children. Since the age of five they have been taking music and vocal lessons. Before the duo was founded, they performed successfully as solo artists.

Sasha and Liza were performing a lot in different concerts lately. This summer, together with the young members of a musical centre, they participated in the International Festival of Children’s Theaters Create Your Dream! in Germany.

The duo was awarded the first prizes at the International Children’s and Youth Creativity contest and at the Russian Popular Music Television contest for children.

Liza and Sasha are very famous in Krasnoyarsk. Liza used to be a TV-host in a popular TV program Home Alone and together with Sasha they were hosting the music program Magic Microphone.

Sasha has been performing for three years on stages of Krasnoyarsk theatres. Among his biggest roles was also Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Little Prince.

The children learn well at school. Liza is among the best pupils in her class, for many times she participated and won the municipal competitions in mathematics and Russian language.

Sasha has been training for two years in the Light Athletics sports school. His hobbies are swimming, dancing, computers and English language.

Lyrics of Boy And Girl

Жили-были, не тужили Герл энд бой Так назваться вдруг решили Мы с тобой Я не знаю в чем тут дело Ходим мы пешком под стол И зовемся очень смело Бой энд герл Мы дружили понарошку Герл энд бой И влюблялись понемножку Мы с тобой Я смотрю веселым взглядом Кто нам сети эти сплел И по-прежнему мы рядом Бой энд герл Мы идем вдвоем по свету Герл энд бой Напеваем песню эту Мы с тобой И конечно не напрасно Миг волшебный нас нашел С этим именем прекрасным Бой энд герл
Boy and girl Once upon a time lived and weren't bothered Girl and boy So we suddenly decided To call ourselves I do not know what was going on We are so small we can walk under the table But we call ourselves very boldly Boy and girl We were friends for fun Girl and boy And were falling in love Bit by bit I look cheerfully Who has put this nets for us And still we are together Boy and girl We are alone in the world Girl and boy Sing this song We together And certainly not in vain Moment of magic has found us With this great name Boy and girl