Karakat Bashanova from Kazahkstan

Karakat Bashanova


🇰🇿 Kazakhstan
Finished 2nd
Written by
Yeleusiz Ardak, Abulkhair Adam
Composed by
Khamit Shangaliyev
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Karakat Bashanova is 12 years old and comes from Ryskulov village of the Almaty region. She takes everything to heart - fragile and sensitive - but is friendly, peaceful and delicate at the same time. Karakat knows how to sympathize and take care of others and the 12-year-old performer has dedicated her song 'Forever' to her father.

Facts about KarakatEBU

What are the favourite lyrics in your song?
"Father, you are the one I trust, you have been my supporter

Father, my wisdom, loving and you are in my heart"

The author wrote the exact same things that I wanted to say to my father. Also, it says "I remember those days" and I do remember everything, I will always keep the memory of my father.

How and when did you start with music?
From an early age, I seriously began to study vocals and participated in various musical contests. My parents have always supported me. I have always dreamed of singing on a big stage and since 2019 I am working professionally with a vocal teacher.

Who are your idols?
Beyoncé, Céline Dion, Whitney Houston. Because they know how to deliver their music to their listeners. I love the lyrical genre, and they perfectly perform such music.

How would you celebrate a Junior Eurovision victory?
I would like to gather with the organizing team and other finalists and eat a huge cake together, just like we did on the first day when we all met.

How do you 'Move The World'?
This song is inspirational. It motivates others to believe in magic. I think that the song can bring up other individuals to have faith in themselves and move forward. The song gives hope to those who need to know that somewhere in this world there is someone who believes in them and would always come to help.

This or That

This or That - Karakat from KazahkstanEBU


  1. Feeling good - Michael Bublé

  2. Rain – Batyrkhan Shukenov

  3. Higher than clouds – Tina Karol

  4. Million years ago - Adele

  5. Feel the Light - Jennifer Lopez

  6. Lovely - Billie Eilish

  7. Shallow - Lady Gaga

  8. I was here - Beyoncé

  9. The power of love - Céline Dion

  10. Soon we'll be found - Sia

Lyrics of Forever

Remember days I hoped you stay I never really want to go away Your way From your way Another day I didn’t stay I think I did it cause my heart can’t say I love With love Әке сенерім, сен едің сен едің тілектесім Әке кемелім, сүйемін сен мендік жүректесің Chorus: Қалықтатқан бойдағы ән құсын Жан әке саған таусылмас алғысым Мен үнсіз әлсіз сенсіз мұңаямын Жарық күн ең, күн ең Жанымдасың білем, сезем, сүйем, әкем (Instrumental bridge) Chorus: Қалықтатқан бойдағы ән құсын Жан әке саған таусылмас алғысым Мен үнсіз әлсіз сенсіз мұңаямын Жарық күн ең, күн ең Жанымдасың білем, сезем, сүйем, әкем

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