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On Sunday 29 November, dozens of young, talented singers from all over Europe are invited to the Polish capital for the 18th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. And it’s a record-breaking year: TVP will be the first public broadcaster to host two Junior Eurovision Song Contests in a row.

Following Viki Gabor’s win at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Gliwice-Silesia in 2019, we told you that we'd be going back to Poland for the 2020 edition of the Contest.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Telewizja Polska (TVP) have now revealed the Junior Eurovision slogan and artwork. The Contest is planned to take place in Warsaw in November.

#MoveTheWorld / #RuszŚwiatem

The creative concept behind the slogan is that, as children, we mistakenly believe all important things are done by renowned people: scientists, astronauts, athletes and actors. We want to become them because, in our eyes, they are the ones moving the world. But this is not the case: every day, millions of people around the world perform their day-to-day duties with capability and care. Together, they are the ones really moving the world. This year's slogan honours the collective power we hold together.