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Your top Junior Eurovision songs on YouTube in 2020

30 December 2020 at 16:00 CET
Viki Gabor from Poland returns to the stage with ‘Superhero’ Thomas Hanses
You've watched over 200 million minutes of Junior Eurovision Song Contest videos this year! But, which videos have you been watching the most? Let's find out!

Your top 50 includes a variety of musical styles as well as some of the competition's cheerful common songs. You even watched videos from as far back as 2003 all the way to the most recent entries of 2020. Here's a fun fact: all 12 entries from 2020 are in the most-watched list! Who else made it in?

Vive la France!

France is doing very well in our top 50 this year with 3 songs in the top 10. We see Angélina's Jamais Sans Toi in 8th spot, Carla's Bim Bam Toi in 5th and this year's Junior Eurovision winner, Valentina, in 2nd place with J'imagine. She's now the highest-ranking newcomer on the list and her performance video has reached almost 7 million views already. Very impressive indeed!

The superheroes of Poland

Poland's entires proved to be extremely popular with 3 songs in the top 5! Viki Gabor's Superhero remains the most popular song on YouTube in 2020 (just like in 2019), but Roksana's Węgiel's Anyone I Want To Be and Ala Tracz's I'll Be Standing score highly as well with a 3rd and 4th spot respectively in the top 50. Not only does the country top the chart, they also close it with Olivia's 2016 song Wieczorek's Nie Zapomnij coming in at number 50.

Share the joy!

Besides the individual performances, you've also shown a big interest in the common songs of 2020 and 2019. Move The World was a particularly special one and was recorded using AR and XR technology. Check out the video below:

Newcomers make an impact

Kazakhstan's first participation was in 2018 when Daneliya Tuleshova finished 6th overall with the song Өзіңе сен (Òzińe Sen). The country is a fairly new entrant into the Junior Eurovision Song Contest but they do remarkably well both in the competition itself and in our Top 50. Daneliya made it to number 36, Yerzhan Maxim (2019) reached number 27 and Karakat Bashanova (2020) almost made it in to the top 10 by finishing in 13th place.

Bonus fact: Did you know that Daneliya participated in America's Got Talent earlier this year? She even reached the final!

Germany's Susan is our another newcomer on the list. She had the honour of being Germany's first representative in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She reached 24th place in the Top 50 with her song Stronger With You and her music video has reached over 400.000 views and counting!

Moving the world with past and present stars

Eurovision performers were also hugely popular this year in the Junior Contest top 50. Poland's Alicja was set to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam before it was cancelled. However, she was able to take to the Junior stage instead with her performance of Empires which was viewed over a staggering 200.000 times!

You've especially appreciated the collaborative performance of Arcade by Duncan Laurence, Roksana Węgiel and Viki Gabor. Duncan won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 and performed together with the two most recent Polish winners. It was a particularly special performance as Duncan actually performed in the Netherlands and special technology was used to make him appear on stage in Poland! The video has now been viewed over 1.5 million times and has reached 12th place in our Top 50.

What has been your most watched Junior Eurovision song this year?