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Dunja Jeličić

Dunja Jeličić was born in Belgrade on 11th November 2003 and will represent Serbia in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song U La La La. 

Dunja showed interest in music as a child, singing and dancing to every tone and rhythm of music that she heard. At the age of six she became a member of the children’s choir, Čarolija, and performed many concerts as a soloist. She was also a contestant in the competition Prvi srpski talenat (First Talents of Serbia).

In 2014, Dunja made it to the semi-finals of the big talent show for children, Pinkove zvezdice. She won the love of the audience with her flourishing vocals and sincerity. She is now in seventh grade of elementary school and also goes to music school where she is learning to play the piano.

More recently Dunja has taken part in the Čarolija music festival and at the annual Zlatna Sirena competition she won several first places in different categories and genres. Dunja enjoys different styles of music including pop, rock, and r’n’b. Her favourite performers include Beyoncé and Ariana Grande.

Dunja is very creative and outside of music Dunja she likes art and swimming. Music and acting are talents that she possesses and which she aspires to continue developing in the future. She is currently engaged in preparing the musical based on the life of Nikola Tesla; Tesla: The Secret of Electropy (Tesla: Tajna Elektropije) where she will be playing one of the leading roles.

About the composers

Vladimir Graić was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1968 and is the composer of the winning song of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, Molitva (Prayer) performed by Marija Serifovic. As a result of Serbia's victory, the 2008 contest was held in Belgrade. It was the first time in the history of the competition that a country won with its very first entry (Switzerland won in 1956 with its second song on the night as each country entered two in the first year).

Vladimir graduated from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electric Power and Energy Systems specialising in electroacoustics. Since 1996 he has been employed at Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), initially as a music editor in the Entertainment Programming Division, and since 2000, as programming editor-in-chief of the RTS Music Production Company where he remained until the end of 2008 before going freelance.

Vladimir's compositions have won many awards over the years. In 1994 he was pronounced the composer of the year by the expert jury of the MESAM music festival and in 2000 he won an award at the Popularity Oscar event. He also won awards in 2006 at the Zlatni Melos event, in 2007 at the Sunny Scales Festival and at the Radio festival FERA. Since 1986 he has been a member of the Association of Jazz, Pop and Rock Musicians. He is also a member of the Composers Association of Serbia where he has been on the Board of Directors since 2011. Vladimir is a member of the Serbian Music Authors Organisation, and for the past four years he has been a member of the German performance rights organisation GEMA. He was awarded the prestigious "Golden Ring" prize by the City of Belgrade Culture and Education Union. He is the director of the creative arts agency Revolution that includes his own music studio.

Leontina Vukomanovic is a composer and a songwriter and has collaborated with the most popular singers in the Balkan region including Zeljko Joksimovic, Tose Proeski, Marija Serifovic and Zdravko Colic. She has taken top prizes in all the national pop music festivals both as a performer and an author. On two occasions she was on the team of authors representing Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest: in 2004 in Istanbul, with Zeljko Joksimovic, and in 2015 in Vienna with Bojana Stamenov. She also transcribed the lyrics of Slovenia's entries in the 2006 and 2012 Eurovision Song Contests into Serbo-Croatian.

Leontina has published a collection of poems entitled If Something Sounds Nice, it Doesn't Mean it's True. For ten years she has been the director of the children's choir Magic and the director of one of the most significant children's music festivals in the Balkan region that carries the same name. So far she has published ten albums and was the author of Lena's Song, the Serbian entry for the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which finished seventh. Leontina has won several national awards for her lasting contribution to culture and currently holds the position of Programme Director at the Belgrade Children's Cultural Centre.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of U La La La

Uvek mi se tako javi
Ritam što me dira
Jedna zaraza u glavi
K'o da nisam sam
Svima nama ovaj korak
Isti ritam svira
Plavo nebo nam je pravac
A planeta stan
Da se spoje razne boje
To je dobar plan
Hajde sada svi u glas
U la la la la la
U la la la la la
Oko celog sveta
U la la la la la
Mi isti smo
Crni i žuti, beli
Ko lud je da nas deli
Podignite u vis ruke
Ko za ljubav mari
Bolje da nas ima vise
To je dobar znak
Onaj koji bi da ćuti
I da samo kvari
Ne moze nam ništa stvarno
Nije tako jak
Kad se spoje razne boje
Oteraće mrak
Hajde sada svi u glas
U la la la la la
U la la la la la
Oko celog sveta
U la la la la la
Mi isti smo
Crni i žuti, beli
Ko lud je da nas deli
A rhythm that appears
in my mind and in my ears
makes me feel I’m at home
and I know I’m not alone.

For the tapping of our feet
matches the cosmic beat.
The sky is our aim
and the Earth is our home.

Wouldn’t it be just swell
if we mix all colors well?

Let’s all sing together
U lalalalalalala
U lalalala
Around the World
U lalalalala
Black and white are both the same
who makes a difference lost the game!