Candy Music

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Candy Music
Written by
Candy - Irina Khechanova, Mariam Gvaladze, Ana Khanchalyan, Gvantsa Saneblidze, Irina Kovalenko
Composed by
George Kukhianidze
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The group that represents Georgia in 2011 at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Candy consists of five little stars: Irina, Mariam, Ann, Gvantsa and.. Irina. And there to help them is a legendary composer.

Irina Khechanova was born in Tbilisi, Georgia on December 3, 2000. In 2009, Irina was the winner of the best singer prize of Tbilisi Olympic song contest. She has participated in song contests held in different cities of Turkey. Irina is also the spokesperson of a candy company and jewellery manufacturing company!

Mariam Gvaladze was born in Rustavi, Georgia on February 9, 1997. Since 2007 she has been a participant of numerous music festivals. For example, she is the winner of the New Star 2009 - Republic Estrade Contest.

Ann Khanchaliani was born in Tbilisi, Georgia on May 19, 1996. Starting from 2002 up to present Anna was the student of Zakaria Paliashvili Central Music School (Violin) and Tbilisi Music school #number 2 (Classical Vocal ). In 2010 she was the winner of the International Music Contest in FYR Macedonia. In TV program Talent she became the Finalist and Discovery of the year.

Gvantsa Saneblidze was born in Kutaisi, Georgia on October 26, 1997. She has also done very well at many music festivals. Gvantsa speaks - English, Russian and French.

Irina (Ira) Kovalenko was born in Tbilisi Georgia on March 29, 1997. Since 2006 she started taking professional vocal lessons. She is a participant of different song consents, festivals and cultural events both in Georgia and abroad. Ira speaks English, Russian, German and learns Japanese! Outside school hours she is fond of tennis. In 2007 she placed 6th in Tennis Championship of Georgia.

Who helps them?

George Kukhianidze is a famous Georgian composer and the author of many songs. His name became associated with the Junior Eurovision song contestants since 2007, first with Mariam Romelashvili song, next in 2008 the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Bzikebi with their Bzzz... and in 2010 Mariam Kakhelashvili's song Mari-Dari.

He is the author of Candy music, the lyrics of which was written by the artists themselves.

Lyrics of Candy Music

Candy music, Candy music, თუ გიყვარს ტკბილი კარამელი, ჟელატინი, სულ დაშაქრულია, აუ ნიგოზი, თხილი, ჩამიჩი და ხილი-ჩირი, ჩვენთან კი ბევრია, გვესმის! Candy music, Candy music, ვუმღერით მარმელადებს, გემრიელ შოკოლადებს ვცეკვავთ ერთად ქენდი ფართზე. Candy music, Candy music . აქ ნახავ მარმელადებს, უამრავ შოკოლადებს რია-რია ქენდი ფართზე. ბანანის მთვარე გვიმღერის, ნაყინის ღრუბლები ბეგრაუნდია, აქ დიჯეი მარწყვი გვართობს, ზღაპარ-ქენდი-ფეშენ ფართია, ვცეკვავთ! Candy music, Candy music ვუმღერით მარმელადებს, გემრიელ შოკოლადებს ვცეკვავთ ერთად ქენდი ფართზე. Candy music, Candy music . მა მა მა მარმელადებს, შო შო კო შოკოლადებს, რია-რია ქენდი ფართზე. მარმელადებს, შოკოლადებს, მე გაჩუქებ შოკოლადებს, მარმელადებს შოკოლადებს, შოკოლადებს დავურიგებთ ყველას, ფერად-ფერად, მარმელადებს დავურიგებთ ყველას, აქ ბევრი ტკბილეულით, რამდენი სურვილებით, ცეკვავს ყველა და მაგარია, ქენდი მიუზიკ.. Candy music, მარმელა-ა-დებს, Candy music, შოკოლა-ა-დებს, მარმელადებს, შო-შოკო-შოკოლადებს, ვცეკვავთ ერთად ქენდი ფართზე.

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