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#together - official song now available to download!

04 December 2014 at 13:24 CET

Written by Gordon Bonello and Elton Zarb, it was originally uang by Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 winner Gaia Cauchi, who also performed it during the school visits she attended throughout Malta with the #JESC2014 entrants.

The tune was an instant hit with the schools, the audience at the venue, the contestants and the media in the press centre.  Now  #together is available via three avenues:

Amazon :



Download, dance, sing and enjoy!


I believe if we do this together ,you will see, that life it's so much better

a a e o Together

take my hand, understand, yes you can

all you want, it is all in your hands

you will discover, it's so much better

if we do this together

don’t give up, just be strong, you belong, to a place where we all get along

follow your dreams, we’ll see where they lead


Shine your light, for the world to believe, in the dreams that will be they will see

keep faith in your heart that's where dreams start

together we won’t stop.

we are young, we are fun, we are one

don’t look back, that's the past, life's a blast 

follow your dreams, we’ll see where they lead


I believe if we do this together

you will see, that life is so much better